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Liptov is an ideal place to spend your winter holiday because it offers a number of activities suitable for both children and adults. Here are some winter activities you can enjoy in Liptov:

  1. Ice skating and tobogganing: Ice rinks and toboggans are great choices for all ages. Many resorts and ski areas have reserved areas with ice rinks or tobogganing.
  2. Ski schools: Ski schools with qualified instructors are available for children who want to learn to ski or snowboard. They often offer group lessons for children of various ages and experience levels.
  3. Children’s parks on the slope: Some ski resorts have children’s parks with special slopes, jumps and games for children. These parks are designed to provide a safe and fun space for the youngest skiers.
  4. Thermal pools: After a day on the slopes, you can relax in warm thermal pools. Some pools also have areas for swimming and slides, which makes winter bathing even more fun. The most famous are the
  5. Termálne kúpaliská: Po dni na svahu si môžete oddýchnuť v teplých termálnych kúpaliskách. Niektoré kúpaliská majú aj bazény a tobogany, čo robí zimné kúpanie ešte zábavnejším. Najznámejšími sú vodné parky Tatralandia and Bešeňová water parks.
  6. Folklore and traditions: Experience an authentic winter experience through folklore events, traditional craft workshops and other cultural activities that can captivate the whole family.

Liptov provides lots of opportunities for fun and relaxation for families with children during winter, both on and off the slopes.

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