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Babky from Bobrovec

Bobrovecká Vápenica - Babky - Malá kopa - Červenec (Chata pod Náružím - cottage) - Bobrovecká Vápenica
Type: Ski touring routes
Difficulty: 3 - medium difficulty
Route length 11.5 km
Climb: 900 m
Sinking: 900 m
Duration 3.5 h
Lowest point: 755 m
Highest point: 892 m
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Detailed route description:


Západné Tatry

Starting point

Bobrovecká Vápenica

End of route:



Winter closure of the trail: ski mountaineering season lasts 15.12. – 15.4.

Best time for the trip: all season with enough snow

Equipment: avalanche equipment

Route description

The goal is peak Babky (1566 masl), which is not one of the highest peaks, but because it is extended beyond the main ridge, it offers views of the Liptov basin (Liptovská kotlina), the Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry), the Choč Mountains (Chočské vrchy) and the Parichvost valley (dolina Parichvost) to the east. The slopes of Babky are grassy, ​​with a sparse forest, which is ideal for skiing. The big advantage is that the route is not significantly endangered by avalanches. It can be safely completed even when conditions are not ideal, for example in the case of increased avalanche danger (3rd degree out of 5).

Way up

The surroundings of Babky and Červenec are a popular location for ski mountaineers/ski tourers. The ski track is almost always made here by others. The ascent starts at the parking place in the area of Bobrovecká Vápenica. The parking lot is located relatively low, at an altitude of about 750 masl. During light winters or at the beginning of the season, due to the lack of snow, it is not always possible to get on the tracks right from the parking lot. If there is enough snow, the whole trip can be completed on skins only, crampons are not needed.

The first part of the ascent leads through a meadow and after about 500 meters the forest continues.  The beginning of the forest part is steep, but gradually the route joins the trail, along which the ascent gets more pleasant.

After about two kilometers, a resting place appears, as well as a crossroads. The left part goes in the direction of Babky, on the right the forest road continues to Chata na Červenci. From the rest stop on, the route to Babky copies the summer hiking trail. This is the most problematic part of the ascent as slope of the trail increases and the trees allow only bit of  narrow space.

The views appear at the final part, which is already above the forest zone. The track often leads in the left part, because it is windy on the ridge and low trees offer a pleasant lee. The mountain top of  is often wind-blown, but provides plenty of space. In case of lack of time or energy, it is possible to end the trip here and ski along the ascent route or through woods and glades back to the car. In good snow conditions, especially in powder, it can be great skiing.

However, the route continues in the direction of Chata pod Náružím (Červenec). After a short  descent on the skins along the ridge, there is one more hill to pass –  Malá Kopa – the peak standing directly above the cottage. It is necessary to change the skins here.

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Way down

Leads from Malá kopa through a sparse knee timber trees directly to the hut (Chata pod Náružím). The inclination exceeds 30°. It is not long, but skiing is enjoyable, especially when there is enough snow and increased avalanche danger elsewhere. A pleasant part of the trip is to stop and refresh at the hut. From the hut itself, there is only a simple descent along the forest road back to the car. The descents are not very demanding and most of the season should be managed even by a less experienced skier.

Attractions on the route

Partisan bunker from the period of World War II – located roughly in the middle of the ascent along the forest road on the right. It is a rocky overhang, in which in the winter of 1945 eight men from Bobrovec survived for several weeks during World War II.

National nature reservation Sokol – Mních – there are rare species of plants and animals tied to the rocky relief and limestone subsoil.

Amateur ski race Cena Červenca – held on the first weekend of March (Saturday) since 1970. The start is at the Veľká kopa and the finish at the hut. This event has not only a sports but also a social dimension with an excellent atmosphere of a local race.

Availability and parking options

By bus: Jalovec bus stop

By car: free parking right at the starting point of the route, 3rd class road leads here, poorly maintained, with possibility of snowdrifts

Refreshment and accommodation options

Chata pod Náružím (Červenec hut) – the hut‘s kitchen does not work, services are limited to a tiny cafeteria with drinks and snacks.

The hut offers accommodation in a lower standard without electricity or shower. It is advisable to inform about the reservation in advance. Please note that card payment is not possible. The hut is open on all weekends and holidays.

In the vicinity of the parking lot there are several facilities that also offer restaurant and accommodation services – Hotel Mních, or a rich offer of private accommodation in the village Bobrovec, or the surrounding villages.

Notes and tips



easy and safe route

infrastructure (parking, hut)

high traffic

lower altitude – shorter season, weaker winters offer possibility of lack of snow

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