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The synagogue in Liptovský Mikuláš, built in the years 1842 – 1846 as a single-storey classicist building with a flat beamed ceiling and austere interior, is today one of the largest and most stylish in Slovakia. It acquired its current form after reconstruction in 1906, but the original building forms a substantial part of today’s synagogue – its outer shell. The Budapest architect Leopold Baumhorn built a structure from steel beams and columns into the existing foundation. The unique system of a steel net carrying a thin, only five-centimetre plaster shell allowed a relatively large three-nave space to be vaulted and galleries for women to be built into the concept. Thanks to this innovative technical solution of the vault, which was less used at that time and in our environment, the St. Nicholas Synagogue is also one of the important monuments of a technical nature.

At the same time, it is a proof of the architect’s ability to adapt the original building to new requirements with a sensitive change of disposition and at the same time respect for the original work. Here, the author achieved a harmony between the predominant classicist expression of the façade, while preserving the character of the original roof and the Art Nouveau character of the interior, including the dome with beautiful stained glass. The interior is dominated by rich blue-gold decoration. The Art Nouveau character of the interior was completed by metal chandeliers and stained glass windows with floral motifs.

The synagogue, restored thanks to the city’s investments and opened to the public in 1991, is now under the administration of the Janko Kráľ Museum. Inside this unique monument, the museum presents a solo exhibition dedicated to the history of the St. Nicholas Jewish community, installed in the western gallery. The synagogue hosts an annual Mosty-Gesharim concert with the participation of leading domestic and international artists.

Get to know history and interesting details of precious interior of the synagogue via audio guides, photo galleries and short texts.


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