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Sedlo Poľany from Jasná

Jasná (Zadná voda) (1 132 masl) - Tri vody -  Sedlo Poľany (Poľana Saddle) (1 837 masl)
Type: Ski touring routes
Difficulty: 3 - medium difficulty
Route length 6.6 km
Climb: 647 m
Sinking: 647 m
Duration 3 h
Lowest point: 1200 m
Highest point: 1837 m
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Detailed route description:


Nízke Tatry

Starting point

Jasná - Zadná voda

End of route:

Sedlo Poľany


Winter closure: the ski mountaineering season lasts 15.12 – 30.4.

Best time for the trip: all season with enough snow

Equipment: avalanche equipment

Route description

The route is located on the northern side of the Low Tatras in the Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley), which is a very popular tourist area, but just a short distance from the cable cars and tourists, this area enjoys reduced resort buzz. The Poľana Saddle is also such a case, and it is no less interesting that the other spots. It lies on the main ridge between Dereše and Poľana peaks. From the Saddle there are nice views not only of Chopok – Jasná, but also on both sides of the Low Tatras ridge (Horehronie and Liptov).

The trip is not recommended for beginners, it is necessary to be used to movement in alpine unimproved, free terrain. Crampons are rarely needed and it is usually possible to walk the entire route on ski mountaineering skins.

Way up

The route starts in Jasná. It is most often possible to go up on skins from the Marmot Hotel (formerly Šverma). The route leads through the valley of Zadná voda, copying the yellow trail marking mostly. A wide forest path gradually alternates sidewalk. It is steep in places and crosses the stream several times. The more snow, the easier the ascent.

About three kilometers later, the path leads to the narrow valley, the forest slowly turns sparse and the views of Dereše, Poľana Saddle and Bory appear. The route continues through a wide wold, which gets gradually steeper and continues directly into the Saddle. In the upper parts of the ascent, the inclination exceeds 30°. The direct track up at this point is already alternated by ski mountaineering turns, the so-called zigzags. The ridge and the section just below it are often wind-blown onto a hard surface, so in the case of bad conditions it is necessary to use crampons.  In terms of avalanches, the last section is the most dangerous, because it is the steepest. The summit is a large platform, suitable for walking, but it is often windy here.

Should you be interested to continue, the route can be extended towards Dereše and Chopok peaks. More experienced skiers can then try the steep slopes of the Derešský kotol and return to the starting point of the route through Otupné. Those less experienced can continue along the ridge to Chopok and use the piste for downhill.

sedlo polany

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Way down

Leads along an identical route, the first section the steepest is, but it is a wide slope that invites to enjoy long ski curves. At the descent, the most critical section is the knee timber zone and the entrance to the forest, where there is little room for maneuvers and it also can get bumpy sometimes. Spots to cross a stream can also be dangerous.

In the case of powder conditions, skiing among the trees is great. The same applies to the ascent, the more snow, the easier the descent. The end is just a descent along a forest road.

Attractions on the route

Educational trail Demänovská dolina – On the route Jasná – Tri vody – Luková – Široká dolina – Lúčky – there are 9 information boards and benches for pleasant rest. Natural and artistic elements along the route explain more about the dragon, which allegedly lived in the surrounding caves.

Availability and parking options

By bus: Grand Hotel stop

By car: Free parking right at the starting point of the route in front of the hotel Liptov, Marmot, Mikulášska chata, or along the road.

! Please note that the parking capacity may be full, especially during the high season in the morning already

Refreshment and accommodation options

Endless, the nearest are the hotel Liptov, Grand, Marmot, hut Jasná, Mikulášska chata (Mikulášska hut), Happy end….

Notes and tips


Good infrastructure – hotels, parking lots, restaurants

transport also possible by ski bus

long season / northern orientation

despite the proximity of the ski resort, there are not many tourists on the route itself

ascent (and descent) on a narrow sidewalk in the middle of the route

full parking, traffic during high season

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