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Demanovska dolina
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The Liptov region, the Demänovská valley in particular, offers countless possibilities for outdoor activities including sport climbing. The surrounding mountains are home to hundreds of climbing routes of varying difficulty. The rocks are formed mainly by limestone of various hardness and shape. While in some climbing areas there are mostly rock towers, others are known for rock walls and faces.

There are about 8 rock climbing areas and 1 drytooling area (Ertoid) located in the Liptov region. The largest of them is the Machnatô climbing area (Low Tatras) boasting hundreds of climbing routes and consisting of a number of towers and walls. It is followed by a bit more challenging Siná and Biela dolinka (Liptovský Ján) climbing areas where there are mainly rock faces. One of the easiest climbing routes is the Prvá, IV route, located in Biela dolinka (Liptovský Ján). The most demanding climbing routes can be found in the area of Repiská(Low Tatras).

The routes are about 20 metres long, but some areas have routes that are more than 30 metres long, so you need to bring at least a 60-metre long rope (10-metre reserve is recommended). Check the climbing route length before each climb. As there is a danger of loose rock, wearing a helmet is recommended on climbs in all the climbing areas with no exceptions.

Since all the climbing areas are protected by the 5th highest level of nature protection, all open fires are banned. Thank you for following the guidelines for visitors to national parks at this level of protection. We wish you safe climbing with beautiful views of Liptov.

Recommended helmet in all areas without exception.

Recommended rope length 60 m.

Map of climbing walls in Liptov

Climbing sites

Machnatô, Demänovská valley (2)

The biggest and the largest rock climbing area in Liptov located in Machnatô, a side valley of the Demänovská valley system. The area features interesting limestone towers and walls. The left part of the rocks is formed of dolomitic limestone and offers a selection of beautiful long routes of varying difficulties. The rocks face south. The right part of the rocks is conglomerate rock with many pockets and it faces south-east. The area is suitable for climbing in spring, summer and autumn, with shaded sectors offering good conditions for climbing in warmer months.

The routes are well protected and their difficulty ranges from 3 UIAA to 9 UIAA, which is the difficulty of the hardest route called Bestseller direkt.  The area also offers a number of easier routes suitable for both beginners and children. The climbing guide describes 146 routes located in 20 sectors, with new routes being continuously added. Climbing is permitted all year round.

Almost all the rocks are located in the protection zone of the Low Tatras National Park as well as on the land owned by the forest landowners association. The visitors to the area are therefore required to respect the prohibition signs and follow the rules of good conduct.

Approach: The Machnatô climbing area is located in the Demänovská valley, approximately 12 km from Liptovský Mikuláš and 1.5 km from the Demänovská Cave of Liberty, on the left side of the road leading to the Jasná ski resort. You can park your car on the parking lot next to the road 48.987186, 19.592201. It takes from 3 to 10 minutes to get from the parking lot to the rocks.

If the parking lot is full, you can use the one in Lúčky, at the ski resort. 48.980979, 19.592146.

Siná, Nízke Tatry (3)

Probably the most beautiful part of the Demänovská valley consisting of a limestone massif which stretches from the mouth of the valley to the half of the Siná mountain. Climbing is permitted only in the bottom part of the mountain, from May 1 to Febuary 28. The bottom part is divided into Horné and Dolné skaly. The exception is valid until 2022 but we believe that it will be extended.

Climbing here is very unique and special. The rock is solid and has many faces, so the climbs here are technical and endurance demanding. Most of the holds are small. More than 100 routes vary in difficulty, ranging from VI+ to X+ UIAA, with most of them having the difficulty level of about VIII. It is, however, important to remember that the routes are half a degree more difficult than the routes in the other climbing areas. The whole massif faces south, so the rock is hot in summer. With the exception of the bottom cave, the whole area is ideal for climbing on cold days. Because of the features of the rock, the whole area best suits experienced climbers who will not regret visiting Siná.

Approach: 10 min.

Take the Demänovská dolina exit from the D1 highway and continue to the parking lot in front of the Demänovská Cave of Liberty (Demänovská  jaskyňa slobody). Then follow the yellow footpath markers on a path leading to the top of Siná. Enter the valley and walk past a meandering creek. After about 200 metres leave the footpath to Siná and turn right to the footpath that will take you right beneath the rocks. From here you will see a row of rocks which you will reach easily in about 5 minutes.   


Repiská, Nízke Tatry (4)

Probably the most difficult climbing area in the Demänovská valley consisting  of a limestone arch soaring over the Repiská hotel. It comprises three distinctive arches and a technical face situated in the right lower part. Climbing here is permitted all year round but it is good to check it on

The area offers power and endurance climbing. The rock is relatively solid and most of the routes lead to a distinctive overhang. There are more than 50 climbing routes ranging in difficulty from V+ to X+ UIAA, with most of them having the difficulty level of around VII. As the whole massif faces south, the rock is hot in summer, especially the arch which is even a bit hotter. That is why it is better to climb it in winter and autumn, or in rainy weather. It is ideal for strong sport climbers who want to push their limits.

Approach: 15 min.

Take the Demänovská dolina exit from the D1 highway and continue to the parking lot in front of the Demänovská Cave of Liberty (Demänovská jaskyňa slobody). Then walk the asphalt road to the Repiská hotel (15 min.). There is an arch towering above the hotel. From there you can either continue walking the asphalt road or use a steep footpath that will take you directly to the arch. The footpath is located next to the retaining wall of the hotel.

Ertoid, Demänovská dolina, Nízke Tatry (5)

Form: drytooling

Newly established drytooling area in the Demänovská valley.  Drytooling is a form of rock climbing in which ice axes and crampons are used to climb rock. Instead of using hands to rock climb, the climber hooks ice axes onto holds and pockets. Climbing Ertoid requires a lot of power and endurance. The climbing area consists of a wide limestone overhang which is only about ten metres high but it is very steep, with a short roof on its top.

Climbing here is permitted all year round. The wide overhang protects against rain but when there are heavy rains, water runs down over it. There are quickdraws clipped to the bolts during the winter months but they are removed in summer.

Approach: 5 min.

Take the Demänovská dolina exit from the D1 highway and continue to the parking lot in front of the Demänovská Ice Cave (Demänovská  ľadová jaskyňa). From there walk the asphalt road past the RiverSide hotel and then take the footpath on the left side of the creek. It will take you 5 minutes to get to a high distinctive wide overhang with quickdraws.

Biela dolinka, Liptovský Ján, Nízke Tatry (6)

A nice quiet area hidden in the woods of the Biela dolinka behind the Liptovský Ján village. It comprises several limestone reefs that are divided into four main sectors. It is suitable for beginner as well as experienced climbers who favour technical routes.  The big advantage is that climbing is allowed all year round and so you can spend nice time here on warm winter days.

The routes vary in difficulty, ranging from IV to IX+ UIAA, with most of them having the difficulty level of around VI and VII.  The routes are technical and the longer ones are also strenuous, requiring a great deal of endurance.

Approach: 15 min.

Take the Liptovský Ján exit from the D1 highway, drive through the village and into the Jánska valley. Pass the thermal swimming pool and the Strachanovka hotel and restaurant. Continue past the Bystrá hotel (on your right) and take the first right. Park your car in the parking lot next to a waterworks building and then walk the valley past the creek for about 10 minutes. At the point where the forest footpath crosses the creek keep to the right and walk the path uphill to the rocks (5 minutes).

Komjatná, Chočské vrchy (7)

The newest climbing area in Liptov consisting of a 50-metre-high conglomerate rock. It towers over the boundary of the Studničná and Komjatná villages, in the municipality of Ružomberok. It hosts beautiful climbing routes for climbers of different levels and offers an opportunity to climb long routes. An amazing feature of conglomerate rock is that it has many holds, scales and notches, which is why the area is the top rock climbing destination in Liptov. The view from the top of the rock is one of the most beautiful in the region.

Approach: 15 min.

Take the road leading from Ružomberok towards Dolný Kubín. At Komjatná turn right and carry on for about 2 km up the hill. You will see Studničná – part of the Komjatná village – from there. Park the car on the hill, right next to the chapel that stands next to the road. Then take the field path towards Komjatná. Cross the meadow and walk the steep short hill that will lead you to the forest. Turn left to the forest and follow the footpath. It will take you 5 minutes to get to the top of the reef. There is a path on both sides of the reef leading down under the rocks.


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