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Cottage under Borišovo from Vyšná Revúca

Vyšná Revúca – sedlo Ploská – Chata pod Borišovom (1 312 masl)
Type: Alpine hike, Mountain ridge climbs, Circular tour
Difficulty: 3 - medium difficulty
Route length 8 km
Climb: 790 m
Sinking: 235 m
Duration 3.25 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m

Detailed route description:


Veľká Fatra

Starting point

Vyšná Revúca

End of route:

Cottage under Borbišovo

Detailed route description:

The cosy cottage in the Great Fatra is situated between the peaks of Ploská and Borišovo. The very well-equipped cottage with year-round operation and a wide selection of refreshments has a capacity of more than 20 people. The cottage is located at the crossroad of several trails. It is accessible from the valley of Ľubochnianska Dolina, from Liptovská Revúca, but also when passing through the Great Fatra artery or the ridges. If taking a hike from Liptovské Revúce you can start from Vyšná Revúca or Stredná Revúca. The way back can also lead along another trail through Močidlo leading you back to Liptovské Revúce.

We recommend all visitors that they take a climb to the peak Borišov (1509 MASL) along the yellow trail –  in case of good weather they can enjoy stunning views of the Great Fatra´s large part and also of the basin of Turčianska Kotlina.

Availability and parking:

Parking is available in the village of Liptovské Revúce. There is also public transport circulating to the village from Ružomberok. The bus stop is located right at the starting point.

Accommodation and catering options:

Beverages and food are available in the village and cottage Chata pod Borišovom. When booking, please send a text message. The cottage manager will certainly respond to your inquiry.

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