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Cottage Chata pod Náružím from Bobrovec

Bobrovecká vápenica (lime kiln) – Nad kameňolomom - Pod Babkami (under Babky) – Chata pod Náružím (cottage) (1 420 m n. m.)
Type: Alpine hike
Difficulty: 3 - medium difficulty
Route length 4.9 km
Climb: 700 m
Sinking: 30 m
Duration 2.25 h
Lowest point: 754 m
Highest point: 1404 m
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Detailed route description:


Západné Tatry

Starting point

Bobrovecká Vápenica

End of route:

Chata pod Náružím (cottage)

Detailed route description:

Chata pod Náružím (Červenec) is situated in the lap of the beautiful West Tatras scenery, surrounded by peaks of Babky, Malá Kopa and Veľká Kopa, and peaks Ostrý Vrch and Sivý Vrch. The trail starts at the beginning of the valley of Bobrovecká Dolina, specifically in the locality of Bobrovecká Vápenica (lime kiln) where there is a free car park. The route runs along a blue marked trail through a Calvary and along a gravel road, then through the crossroad Pod Babkami, and continuing through the forest road to the cottage of Chata pod Náružím.

The most beautiful yet physically demanding access road leads from Bobrovecká Vápenica along the blue trail. There is an unmarked footpath in the forest leading through “Biele Studnice” (White Wells), then between the rocks of Mt Sokol and Mt Mních (the most demanding section secured by chains) and connecting to the main access road in Nižný Červenec (15 min. to the cottage). We recommend that you take this trip only with an experienced guide.

Availability and parking:

Directly at the starting point of the trail in Bobrovecká Vápenica, there is free parking with sufficient capacity. The bus stop is situated about 2.5 km by walk from Bobrovecká Vápenica, at the crossroad with the village Jalovec, where you can get by suburban line from Liptovský Mikuláš.

Accommodation and catering options:

You can refresh yourself or spend a night at Chata pod Náružím. Near the starting point of the trail, there is Horský Hotel Mních (Mountain Hotel Mních). On the way from Jalovec it is possible to visit the shed Salaš Pastierka. Moreover, there are reserved camping sites.

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