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Baranec from Žiarska Valley

Ústie Žiarskej doliny - Holý vrch - Baranec (2184 m n.m.) - Žiarske sedlo - Žiarska chata - Ústie Žiarskej doliny
Type: Alpine hike, Mountain ridge climbs, Circular tour, Educational path
Difficulty: 4 - difficulty
Route length 17.4 km
Climb: 1482 m
Sinking: 1482 m
Duration 7.5 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m
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Detailed route description:


Západné Tatry

Starting point

ústie Žiarskej doliny

End of route:

ústie Žiarskej doliny

Detailed route descrition

Mt Baranec (2184m) is a peak overlooking Liptovský Mikuláš. Along with Mt Kriváň, it is a dominant part of the town’s panorama and undoubtedly one of the most visited peaks of the Western Tatras and the region of Liptov. The reason is that the trail leading to Mt Baranec can also be a circle, complemented by a stop at the cottage of Žiarska Chata.

The tour starts at the paid car park at the mouth of Žiarska Valley, from where you take a steeper ascent along the yellow trail up to a forest and a fork of Holý Vrch (a peak) offering stunning views of the whole region of Liptov. After reaching the peak of majestic Mt Baranec (2184m) you will take an easy descent through Smrek up to the saddleback of Žiarske Sedlo (1917m) and then a steeper descent along the green and blue trail through the Žiarska Valley towards he cottage of Žiarska Chata. There you can get some food and drinks all the year as well as use accommodation services. From the cottage you have various options where to go hiking. You can continue downwards along an asphalt road or use the blue former hiking trail through the forest with an educational path or you can rent a scooter to get down to the car park – your finish poin

Availability and parking options

You can park on the paid spacious car park loacated at the mouth of the valley. You can also use the local bus service from Liptovský Mikuláš. The end bus stop is located approximately 400m from the starting point.





Options for accommodation and meals

There are several food and accommodation facilities in the village of Žiar and the Žiarska Valley. At the beginning of the trail there is the cottage of Chata Kožiar providing accommodation and food as well as the cottage of Žiarska Chata which is situated at the hiking trail.



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