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The fertile Liptov fields, its meadows with cattle and sheep grazing them, drinking water from mountain streams, as well as experienced hands of passionate producers have all contributed to the creation of “Produkt Liptova”, the brand of local products representing the best of the region.

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The “Produkt Liptova” brand of local products promotes exceptional products made honestly in Liptov.
The brand guarantees the quality of the products, taking into account their origin, sustainability, as well as the producers’ commitment to traditions and natural wealth of the Liptov region. Support local producers who value natural and cultural heritage of Liptov and do their job with passion and love.  

Buy your Liptov Product at the Information Center Liptovský Mikuláš, at the Information Center Liptovský Ján, at Hýrošová Spájza in Ružomberok or online.

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By buying products labelled “Produkt Liptova”, you give work to people living in Liptov and take a piece of Liptov home with you in return. Thank you!

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