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Rovná hoľa from Nižná Boca

Nižná Boca - Rovná hoľa (1723 m.a.s.l.) and back
Type: Mountain ridge climbs
Difficulty: 2 - easy
Route length 15.8 km
Climb: 872 m
Sinking: 872 m
Duration 4.5 h
Lowest point: 851 m
Highest point: 1723 m

Detailed route description:


Nízke Tatry

Starting point

Nižná Boca

End of route:

Rovná hoľa

Detailed route description

This easy half-day tour to the Rovná Hoľa mountain will reward you with stunning views to all directions, especially of the Western and High Tatras. Follow the yellow marked trail that starts in the Nižná Boca village and continues up the valley where it joins the path leading to the saddle of the Črchľa valley where you can find a spring of fresh water. Continue through the forest and dwarf pines to the top of the Rovná (flat) Hoľa mountain (1723 m.a.s.l.). As the name suggest, its top is flat so when there, you can enjoy open views to all sides. Perhaps the most unique is the view of Ďumbier, of its steep walls and gullies leading to the Ďumbiersky Kotol basin. To the west there are views of the Chopok and the massif of the Bôr mountain and to the north you can admire the views of the limestone massif of the Ohnište mountain with its famous rock window.

You can also reach the summit of the Rovná Hoľa mountain from Vyšná Boca, Čertovica and Svidovské sedlo.

Access and parking

You can park in the village. The village is also accessible by bus.

Accommodation and dining

There is a spring of potable water along the way to the saddle of Črchľa. You can have refreshments in the Nižná Boca village, for example at the Chata Barborka chalet located close to the lift. There are many accommodation options in the village to choose from.

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