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Veľký Choč via Likava castle

Likavka – Likava castle – Sedlo Spuštiak – Stredná Poľana – Veľký Choč (1611 m n.m.) – Žimerová - Lúčky
Type: Alpine hike, Mountain ridge climbs
Difficulty: 4 - difficulty
Route length 18.8 km
Climb: 1337 m
Sinking: 1337 m
Duration 7.5 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m
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Detailed route description:


Chočské vrchy

Starting point

Likavka (centrum obce)

End of route:

Lúčky (centrum obce)

Detailed route description

A descent up to Mt Veľký Choč is also very attractive because we can do it from several starting points. Individual tours are possible from Valašská Dubová, Lúčky, Jasenová and Vyšný Kubín. The tour can start in Likavka, an impressive village near Ružomberok. This trail is also attractive because it is running  alongside the castle of Likavský Hrad, a historical monument that is worth visiting. The trail is quite rugged, running across mountain paths and meadows. The final climb to the very top of the mountain is more difficult. A descend is planned to the village of Lúčky, where famous spa Aqua Vital Park with thermal water and wellness is situated, and also an attractive waterfall.

Availability and parking options

The trail we have chosen is reachable even by public transport. Likavka is located near the railway station in Ružomberok, where also the bus from Lúčky arrives. There is a sufficient parking place in both villages. Two cars is also a good choice; one of them can be parked in Lúčky and by another you can get to Likavka.

Options for accommodation and meals

There are no food facilitis on the trail; we can eat first in the village of Lúčky. But we can find here two facilities for sleeping – a lodging house „Hotel Choč“ and a shelter in the locality of  Žimerová.


(Náhľad mapy: hiking.sk)

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