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Chopok from Lúčky

Type: Alpine hike, MTB, Track
Difficulty: 5 - very difficulty
Route length 20.2 km
Climb: 1058 m
Sinking: 1058 m
Duration 15 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m
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Detailed route description:


Nízke Tatry

Starting point

Jasná Nízie Tatry

End of route:


Route description

Jasná – Otupné – Tri vody – Sedlo Poľany – Dereše – Chopok – Demänovské saddle – Krúpové saddle – Široká valley-crossroads – Pod Krčahovom – Lúčky Poľana Saddle


The route starts in the Jasná ski resort in the parking lot in front of the Grand Hotel and the first ascent goes through the Zadná voda valley to Polana Saddle (1,837 m above sea level), which lies on the main low-Tatra ridge. In the saddle, turn left/east / and follow the red sign (EB, 0801). By a gentle climb, we reach Dereš (2,003 m above sea level) and later we reach Chopok (2,024 m above sea level) through a shallow bend. The path does not go all the way to Dereše peak, but due to the nice view, it pays to take a small walk.

At Kamenná cottage on Chopok, you can have a snack and then climb to the eastern peak of Chopek, which rises above the cottage itself. The route continues along the busiest section of the main ridge of the Low Tatras and then begins the descent to Demänovské saddle (1,756 m above sea level). If we want to get to the crossroads of tourist roads Krúpovské saddle (1,922 m above sea level), it is necessary to take a short ascent. At the crossroads, we can go towards the top of Ďumbier (2,043 m above sea level). However, we take the north-western path, marked with a green sign (5426), leading to the Široká valley (1,390 m above sea level). The trail is winding and steep in places. In Široká valley we will connect to route no. 37 and go down to the cottage on the meadows in Lúčky (925 m above sea level).

Availability and parking options

Paid and free parking are available at the ski resort.

By train or bus to Liptovský Mikuláš and then by bus from Liptovský Mikuláš to the resort Jasná Nízke Tatry (Demänovská dolina) to Demänovská Cave of Freedom.

Accommodation and catering options

There are several accommodation facilities in the Jasná Nízke Tatry resort that offer accommodation. Dining options are provided, whether in summer or winter, in the hotel restaurants or snack bars.

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