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The “Sheep Breeding” Nature Trail

Račková valley ATC - Úzka valley - Nižná Lúka - Sigoť - Prostredne - Koliba pod Klinom
Type: Alpine hike, Educational path
Difficulty: 3 - medium difficulty
Route length 7 km
Climb: 557 m
Sinking: 16 m
Duration 2.3 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m
View elevation profile:

Detailed route description:


Západné Tatry

Starting point

Parkovisko Račkova dolina

End of route:

Koliba pod Klinom

Detailed route description

A nature trail focused on Shepherd´s thematic area is a pleasant path to diversify the route leading from the valley of Račkova Dolina to the top of the Western Tatras – Klin. We will find there 5 boards with information and photographs about sheep culture and history which lead us to the highest located shepherd´s hut in Slovakia. The rebuilding of the “komárnik” (a cheese warehouse – where cheese matured in the fresh air) in front of the hut and an establishment of an exposition of photographs in the hut bring the public how shepherds lived, their manifestations in the field of spiritual culture and folklore.

The trail begins at the mouth of the valley of Úzka Dolina, continues along the historical “tajch” (a water reservoir which was built for the needs of mining in past), passes through an old sheep road through the localities Nižná Lúka, Sigoť and Prostredné, and ends at the end of the valley of Račková Dolina, at the shepherd´s hut “Pod Klinom”. It is not an easy trail but the views of the Western Tatras are amazing.

Accessibility and parking

There are free parking lots with limited space. There are no official parking lots at the mouth of the valley of Úzka Dolina. In particular, the vehicles park along the road and around the starting point. A paid car park is located a few km away, at the Open-Air Museum of Liptov Village (Múzeum Liptovskej dediny Pribylina).

The bus service runs from Liptovský Mikuláš to the Open-Air Museum of Liptov Village or the village of Pribylina.

For visitors, who take the tour by bus, the route is 7 km longer along the green trail called “Skanzen Pribylina – ústie Úzkej doliny” (Open-Air-Museum Pribylina – the mouth of the valley of Úzka Dolina).

Accommodation and food facilities

There is no mountain cottage on the route. Temporary accommodation is available in the hut Koliba pod Klinom. There are several mountain hotels and boarding houses at the beginning of the trail and its vicinity (Horský hotel Akademik, Chata Orešnica, …) to offer food. There is also a campsite. You can also use the facilities in the village of Pribylina.

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