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Ďumbier and Chopok from Lúčky

Lúčky – Pod Krčahovom – Široká dolina – Široká dolné rázcestie – Krúpovo sedlo – Ďumbier (2043 m n.m.) – Demänovské sedlo – Chopok (2024 m n.m.) – Luková – Pod Orliou skalou – Mikulášska chata
Type: Alpine hike, Mountain ridge climbs, Educational path
Difficulty: 4 - difficulty
Route length 18.6 km
Climb: 1411 m
Sinking: 1201 m
Duration 7 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m
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Detailed route description:


Nízke Tatry

Starting point

Parkovisko Lúčky, Demänovská Dolina

End of route:

Mikulášska chata, Demänovská Dolina


Detailed route description

Mt Ďumbier with its heights of 2043m is the highest peak of the Low Tatras. But an ascend to the peak is not one the most difficult. We recommend taking the trail from Lúčky through the valley of Široká Dolina and back along the mountain ridge across Mt Chopok and Luková up to the cottage of Mikulášska Chata. Here you can take a bus to transport you to Lúčky or directly to the town of Liptovský Mikuláš.

Availability and parking options

The trail is effortless, enriched with stunning views of the both directions of the Low Tatras. We can have a rest and get new energy in the cottage of Kamenná Chata or at Restaurant Rotunda which are situated approximately halfway your tour. What´s interesting is that either an ascent or a descent may be shortened by a cable car journey over the resort of Jasná. Bus service is available and operates very well.  Timetable>>>

The starting point as well as the finish point  of your tour is directly at the bus stop. Using a car is also a good choice as you can take advantage of free parking with enough capacity.

Options for accommodation and meals

You can also take advantages of gastronomic facilities found along the trail, such as the cottage of Kamenná Chata or Restaurant Rotunda. Even the cottage of Štefánikova Chata offers refreshments and a place to spend a night, though it is a half-hour walk outside the trail.

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