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Salatín from Ludrová

Ludrová - SNP monument - Hučiaky gorge - Salatín (1630 m n.m.) - Bohúňovo - Ludrová
Type: Alpine hike, Mountain ridge climbs, Circular tour
Difficulty: 3 - medium difficulty
Route length 21.6 km
Climb: 1290 m
Sinking: 1290 m
Duration 7 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m
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Detailed route description:


Nízke Tatry

Starting point


End of route:


Detailed route description

Ludrová is a village not far from the town of Ružomberok. Besides the gothic church located in the village, there is another sought-after place – Mt Salatín (1630 m) – the Low Tatra´s peak. It is a circular climb, that´s why it is popular with turists. The climb starts at the end of the village, at the bus stop. The red trail runs along the Statue of SNP (Slovak National Uprising) through the Ludrovská Valley, a local national reservation and untouched canyon – the gorge of Hučiaky  – which is one of the TOP national localities in Liptov, and continues through the forest. After about four hours of mild ascending, you´ll reach the peak of Salatín (1630m). However, a descent onto the locality of Bohúňovo is rich in amazing views of Salatín and the region of Liptov completed with rocky formations. You will return to another green-marked trail, but your tour will be finished in the same place as you started.

Availability and parking options

Free parking is available right at the starting point – at the end of Ludrová. In the same place there is also a bus stop, which can be reached by bus from Ružomberok.

Options for accommodation and meals

Village Ludrová has a smaller capacity for accommodation (boarding houses) and food facilities. There are no such facilities on the route. There is only one shelter for occasional use, which will certainly fulfil the purpose in bad weather.

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