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Mt Poludnica from Liptovského Jána

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Route suitable for sports running Route suitable for sports running
Parking free of charge Parking free of charge
Bus stop on the route Bus stop on the route
Route with panoramic view Route with panoramic view
There is a source of drinking water on the route There is a source of drinking water on the route
Monument on the route Monument on the route
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Liptovský Ján (bus station/parking Hotel Ďumbier) – Rakytovica sedlo – Predná Poludnica – Poludnica (1549 m n.m.)

Detailed route description

A panoramic view from Mt Poludnica (1549m) is unforgettable. You will have the whole region of Liptov at your fingertips and believe us, it is not a difficult tour at all. The tour begins and ends in the village of Liptovský Ján, at the car park and bus station in front of Hotel Ďumbier where the green trail starts. From the very beginning, the trail is ascending steeply across two ski trails which are part of the local ski resort. From the top of the hills you can enjoy amazing views of the Liptov region. The trail continues up to the saddleback of Rakytovica and further along a steep yellow marked path towards the locality of Predná Poludnica. The trail is rugged, full of panoramic views of Liptov and rocky formations that are reachable from any place along the whole section. There is another steep climb along a cave in which, according to a memorial tablet, about 40 Jews from Slovakia and Poland were being hidden from autumn 1944. All of them survived thanks to inhabitants from the village of Závažná Poruba who helped them despite risking their own lives. The following location is Predná Poludnica with excellent panoramic views of the water reservoir Liptovská Mara and the Western Tatras from where it is just a few steps to the peak of Poludnica (1549m). We will get back along the same trail or we cann prolong it along the blue trail towards the locality of Kúpeľ, and from there along the green trail back to the saddleback of Rakytovica.

Availability and parking options

The bus station is directly at the starting / finish point of the tour.  You can get there by bus with direction Liptovský Mikuláš to Liptovský Ján. The parking space is also suficient and free of charge.

Options for accommodation and meals

There is neither mountain cottage nor lodging house in the vicinity of the trail to offer some food and bed. But directly at the car park there is a buffet and a restaurant – a traditional shepherd´s hut – which offer local specialties and accommodation. But there is a wide selection of year-round accommodation and food facilities in the village of Liptovský Ján.

(Náhľad mapy: hiking.sk)


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