Jánska valley

Historical village named Liptovský Ján received precious gifts. Beautiful nature with the longest valley in the Low Tatras, rare karst and natural formations, mineral and thermal springs and its own architecture, which is probably nowhere else in a similar grouping in Slovakia. The valley Jánska dolina begins in the spa village of Liptovský Ján. There are many dives, springs and caves.


Fourteen mineral and thermal springs in Liptovský Ján deserve special attention. The only spring that is used not only for drinking, but also for bathing is called Teplica spring.


The valley Jánska dolina is perfect for the families with children. It offers many attractions and you will definitely not be bored with your children here. It is also a great starting point for hiking, but also for the excursions to the surrounding area.

19. Bôr, Nízke Tatry - Liptov


Due to its location and natural conditions, the village Liptovský Ján has ideal conditions for local trips to the near and far surroundings.



Liptov region is known for its excellent cuisine and high-quality offer. The village Liptovský Ján offers a wide range of dining options. You can enjoy traditional Liptov cuisine in the huts of Strachanovka and Liptovský dvor /Liptov yard/. The history from the Renaissance era will enchant you in the St. John’s Manor House as well.

cykloregion liptov


Get to know the beauty of the Liptov Cycling Region, which really has a lot to offer you. There are cycling routes for families with children or all-day adventure routes. You have an excellent choice. More tips on www.cykloregion.sk


At present, there are a total of 23 mansions and manors in the village. Manors were built in the period of the 14th – 17th centuries when each squire family built a manor.  Later richer squires built two-storey mansions. Get to know the rich history of the village and visit the preserved monuments.


The Centre of the Culture is placed in the 16th-century mansion of Eugen Szentiványi, which is open to the public. It serves not only as an information centre, library, but it is also used for various social events.  Various exhibitions take place here too.


Parking is possible at the Start football field. A large parking area near the Horec Guest House is charged €4/day. If you want to park near the Jánská kadi, you can use the parking lot at the information center in front of the church. This parking space is also paid 4€/day.


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