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Mineral springs Kaďa & Teplica

The healing mineral water can be found at the end of the village Liptovský Ján, in the natural bath spring, which is called “tank” by local inhabitants. In its vicinity there is a drinkable mineral water spring called Teplica and the thermal swimming pool Sorea together with the indoor pool at the hotel Sorea Máj.

Liptovský Ján is situated right in the heart of central Slovakia and it is one of a real jewel of Liptov. In its surroundings, there are all the beauties – caves, history, nature and the springs – everything tourists long to see. This village is sought after by plenty of people because it is an entrance gate to one of the most beautiful valleys of the Low Tatra Mountains National Park (Národný park Nízke Tatry) – Jánska dolina Valley.

Jánska Valley is abundant in its fauna and flora and it likes to share these jewels with everyone, who can appreciate this treasure. Since 1998, Jánska Valley has been proclaimed a spa resort. It offers extraordinary opportunities for tourists all year round. Besides the thermal springs, it offers its visitors also rich history connected with yeomen in Liptov. Thanks to its rich history, Liptovský Ján was proclaimed a historical landmark zone with twenty objects in 1991.

In the past, the village of Liptovský Ján was known mainly for its warm mineral springs, the number of which was fourteen. For many centuries, people from this part of Slovakia have divided the springs into two categories – hot springs (teplica) and cold springs (medokýš). It is said that people discovered the healing power of their springs by chance. Local women used to soak hemp more often and with pleasure. They appreciated beneficial effects of the spring, thanks to which they were getting younger, dancing longer and their rheumatism and joint pain simply faded away. In the 16th century, even the mineralogist Juraj Werner described beneficial effects of these springs in his book “O podivuhodných vodách Uhorských” (About Miraculous Waters of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). As a result, the first tourists came here and noblemen started to explore not only the beauties of the Tatra Mountains but also the springs in Jánska Valley. However, they did not soak hemp in the springs, they bathed there.

Nowadays you can visit the indoor swimming pool with thermal water, which is open all year round, and is situated at hotel Sorea Máj, or you can just take a stroll around the village of Liptovský Ján and at its end quench your thirst with mineral water from the spring Teplica. Right next to it, you can sink your tired feet or your whole body into the thermal water in the local “tank” and feel the gentle pins and needles and gradual alleviation. And this all is for free!

Parking is possible approx. 100 m from the bath, near the church, or in the parking lot directly behind the village, from where there is an asphalt path for pedestrians (approx. 200-300 m). Both parking lots are charged.


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