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Summer TERMAL Bath

You can find a paradise of healthy relaxation at the TERMAL raj summer swimming pool. The swimming pool offers 4 pools with thermal healing water, which induces natural relaxation of the body and promotes good sleep. In addition to relaxation, the swimming pool at Hotel*** SOREA MÁJ also organizes animation activities on certain days.

The thermal water in the outdoor and indoor pools of Hotel*** SOREA MÁJ comes directly from the Rudolf thermal spring. The water temperature is 26 to 29 °C, it is mineralized and acidic, depending on the gas content it is strongly carbonated and moderately hydrogen sulphide. Water has beneficial effects on the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, joints), skin problems (eczema, allergies). Regular stay in the water induces natural relaxation of the body and promotes good sleep.

Outdoor pools of the TERMAL raj swimming pool:

  • swimming pool (50 m long, 18 m wide, water depth from 80 to 180 cm),
  • children’s pool,
  • relaxing – calm pool,
  • pool with fountain.

Fun and relaxation – this is THERMAL paradise.


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