Demänovská valley

Demänovská Valley with its special natural beauties belongs to the most beautiful and most visited valleys in the Low Tatras. It has the length of 15 km and geographically and geologically consists of two distinct parts: the upper part, belonging to the main ridge, is granite and forms the whole complex of smaller valleys. The lower part is cut in limestones and it is richly vertically structured. A popular and by the tourists seeking part of the valley is the location of Jasná – a mountain resort, which, thanks to the cable cars, offers the opportunity to reach the height of 2004 meters above sea level. It leads to the top of the second highest peak of the Low Tatras – Chopok.

The village of Demänovská Dolina was established on August 1, 1964 from the objects of tourism with local parts called Tri studničky, Caves, Repiská, Lúčky and Jasná. Tourist opportunities are extraordinarily rich. The number of marked hiking trails takes you through the valley to the surrounding ridges. In addition, a network of walking paths is built in the valley.

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