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Priehyba sheep farm – Jasná

Discover the precious Wallachian sheep breed again in Jasná during the summer season! More than 40 pieces of original Wallachian sheep will find their home away from home at the highest located sheep farm in Slovakia. This original sheep species that used to graze pastureland at high altitudes of over 1,400 metres is easy to breed and is typical for spiral-shaped horns. In Jasná, young sheep will be gazing the area around Priehyba and will be watched by a shepherd and several dog guards. Kids as well as adults will get a chance to learn something about the history of sheep farming in a playful way, have a closer look at this precious breed and see how it is bred in the beautiful nature of the Low Tatras.


  • The Priehyba sheep farm with various dairy and cheese making instruments and tools
  • The journey of Wallachian sheep – discover the history and the life at a sheep farm in a playful way
  • A maxi overtone flute – a photo point at the farm
  • The life of sheep – information about the life and farming of Wallachian sheep presented by our shepherd, watch their everyday life in beautiful mountain nature
  • Traditional specialities – smoked cheese at Funibar
  • An amusing sheep park – sheep-shaped climbing frames and swings for children

Our Wallachian sheep will be watched by an experienced shepherd as well as a few dogs. Their breeds have been selected carefully so that they can protect the sheep and help them find their way on pastureland, but behave socially and are friendly to visitors coming to the Jasná Nízke Tatry resort. In summer, there will be several dogs of two special herding breeds in Priehyba: Pyrenean Mountain Dog and Border Collie.  See how they “do their job” and co-exist with Wallachian sheep. 

The aim of the Wallachian sheep farm project in Jasná is preserving the traditional Wallachian sheep breed in the region of Liptov, where it used to occur in the past but is very rare today. The main role of Wallachian sheep was to graze mountain meadows at high altitudes. However, the breeding numbers started to decrease because the milk production was too low. Their significance as for mountain meadow farming and preserving the shepherding tradition is very high, though.


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