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Vrbické pleso – glacial lake

Vrbické pleso is a glacial lake and the largest natural lake in Low Tatras. It is situated in 1 113 m a.sl. in western part of Demänovská valley. It is national natural monument and it is the biggest tarn in Low Tatras, it is large 0,73 ha, its maximum deep is 8 m, length 115 m and width 62 m. It is situated on moraine uphill of north Chopok bottom in Demänovská valley. It is Moraine Lake, which arise when iceberg bling from north hills of Chopok and Dereše. Otupnianka leaks out from the lake. The barrier was repair to fix the surface. Surroundings of Vrbické tarn have good access. On lake side are situated objects of tourist centre Jasná. From year 1975 it is natural monument.

The preparation of large scale project about the rescue of Vrbického tarn that has to prevent the ingrowth is running in this period. Its surface has been encrusted by vegetation bats, which is typical for lower altitudes very fast in the last two decades. The public is concern about the total extinction and they will try to save this national natural landmark with this project. Vrbické pleso can also serve and educate the students of the primary schools by nature trail and signs.

By a mountain lake you can take a breath sitting on benches in the silence of the wood and indulging amazing views of the surrounding Low Tatra Mountains´ ridges.

The Vrbické pleso is a starting point of several hiking trails, mountain climbing, and fantastic trips:
Vrbické pleso – Repiská – Demänovská jaskyňa slobody (Demänovská Cave of Liberty) 1:00 hour – blue trail
Vrbické pleso – Tri vody 1:00 hour – yellow trail
Vrbické pleso – Tri vody 1:00 hour – Sedlo Poľany 2:30 hours – yellow trail


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