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Educational Nature path Plieška

Lúčky - Kalameny
Type: For children, Walking trail, Educational path, Track
Difficulty: 2 - easy
Route length 2 km
Climb: 170 m
Sinking: 169 m
Duration 1 h
Lowest point: 594 m
Highest point: 768 m

Detailed route description:


Chočské vrchy

Starting point

Kúpele Lúčky

End of route:

Thermal lake Kalameny


The educational trail Plieška (Cyril and Methodius path) will take us from the Spa Lúčky below the hill Plieška to the village Kalameny. The trail is connection between the natural thermal lake in Kalameny and the Spa in Lúčky village.

Detailed route descrition

You can also get to the Spa Lúčky by bus. The route starts at the tourist crossroads Lúčky, Aqua-Vital Park, near the restaurant Kúpeľná dvorana. However, it is both direction-way. You will go along the edge of the forest along the blue-marked hiking trail at the southern foot of Plieška Hill.

The trail is moderately challenging and can be muddy and slippery on some places in colder weather. The route is only slightly difficult due to its length, elevation and terrain. Therefore, it is suitable even for small children.

A path with three educational panels will lead you to Kamaleny village. There is a natural swimming pool called a “pit”. The nature trail begins/ends at the rebuilt and adjusted pit with warm mineral water.


Information boards names

  1. Great Moravia
  2. Saint Cyril – Constantine
  3. Saint Methodius

Information panels in the terrain are not marked with the name of the nature trail. The design of the first and the remaining two panels differ.

Availability and parking options

Free parking is possible at the beginning / end of the route in the Spa Lúčky, or at the thermal lake in Kalameny. There are also regular bus connections to the villages from Ružomberok town.

Options for accommodation and meals

In the villages of Lúčky, Liptovská Teplá and Kalameny there are several accommodation and catering facilities.

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