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Sidorovo, the mountain towering above the village of Vlkolínec, offers a bird´s eye views of Malinô Brdo, the Great Fatra mountain range, the Low Tatras, the Liptov basin and the High Tatras. When accessing Liptov from the south (from Banská Bystrica), Sidorovo is a 1099-metre high conical mountain. It rises above the folk architecture monument reserve of Vlkolínec. You can combine the visit to the lookout point with the visit of this mountain settlement and get a glimpse of what life once used to be like in Liptov.

Sidorovo can be approached from three different directions. You can either choose to start the trip from the Calvary above the Ružomberok town and reach Sidorovo from the northern part or take the tourist route leading right to the top from a popular location of Malinô Brdo. You can also access Sidorovo via a tourist route starting in Vlkolínec. If you choose the last option, the ascent to the top will take about 80 minutes. As the hike to the top is not very difficult, it is suitable even for the smallest hikers.

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