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The valley of Ľubochnianska Dolina nature trail

Ľubochňa centrum (Nám. akad. Ľ. Nováka) – Ľubochnianska dolina – Ľubochňa centrum (Nám. akad. Ľ. Nováka)
Type: Circular tour, For children, Educational path, Road, MTB, Track
Difficulty: 2 - easy
Route length 9.2 km
Climb: 313 m
Sinking: 312 m
Duration 3 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m
View elevation profile:

Detailed route description:


Veľká Fatra

Starting point

Kostol Sv. Cyrila a Metoda - Ľubochňa

End of route:

Kostol Sv. Cyrila a Metoda - Ľubochňa

Detailed route description

The starting point of the nature trail is located at the municipal office. The trail leads along the eastern hillside of the valley of Ľubochnianska Dolina around the supply channel of the hydroelectric power plant upstream of the river Ľubochnianka to the village of Lúčky and back to Ľubochna. It is an undemanding self-guided, sightseeing, walking & cycling, summer & winter nature trail. It focuses on science, culture, history and technology. There are 10 stops and 1 introductory panel on the route. Individual stops provide information about the church in Ľubochňa, hydroelectric power plant, forest railway, the saddle of Fatranské Sedlo, glassworks, the Ľubochnianka stream, and the valley itself (geological structure, soils, vegetation, animals, small-scale protected areas).

The valley of Ľubochnianska Dolina in The Veľká Fatra Mountains is 25 km long and it is the longest valley in Slovakia. There is an only Fatra lake as well as a beautifully coloured “tajch” (a water reservoir which was built for the needs of mining in past) with clear water. The valley also boasts that the first electrified forest railway was established here at the beginning of the 20th century, which was used to transport harvested wood and transport people working in the surrounding forests. A small hydroelectric power plant used to serve as a source of electricity for this railway. Upon agreement, it is possible to view the power plant from inside and show visitors how it worked and what it is used for, even if there is no railway.

Accessibility and parking

The village of Ľubochňa is easily accessible by train or bus from Ružomberok.

There is a free spacious car park in the centre of the village situated at the Institute of Endocrinology on the square.

Accommodation and food facilities

The village of Ľubochňa provides sufficient food facilities around the village centre.

You can have a stay in several boarding houses in the village or private cottages in the valley of Ľubochnianska Dolina.

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