Natural wealth

Water plays a great role in making Liptov such a beautiful and diverse region. The Liptovská Mara reservoir, the second-largest of its kind in Slovakia, forms the centre of the region. Liptov is extremely rich in mineral and thermal springs, which also lend their healing powers to spas and thermal swimming pools. The “growing stones” – travertines – are just another interesting feature of Liptov.

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Springs in Liptov

Liptov is incredibly rich in mineral springs and springs in general. We are strongly geologically predisposed to such features precisely because we have the highest hills here.

The Tatras can be considered a roof on which rain – which does not contain any minerals – falls. This water then flows downwards through the mountains, sometimes disappearing through cracks and penetrating to great depths. It then re-emerges from these depths and comes to the surface mineralized. This is how mineral springs – popularly called wells, medokýše or vajcovky – are created. You can read or hear more about these springs through the  Nepoznaný Liptov project

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Waterfalls in Liptov

These are more than merely beautiful, they are also beneficial. Dive with us into the topic of waterfalls, discover their beauty and get to know their beneficial effects.

The air is cleaner near falling water as most microbes and germs are removed, while coming into contact with nature in this way literally develops a person. The Liptov waterfalls are the pride of the region and an exceptional complement to it.

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Caves in Liptov

For some, caves are just a hole in the ground, yet for others they represent a fantasy world hidden beneath the surface.

Caves are a system and a complete world in their own right, yet remain interconnected with life above the surface.

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Water and water sports

Liptov is a mountain region that is unique through its interconnection of mountains and water. And not just any kind, but what kind!

This means Liptov should be at the top of the list for anybody looking for a holiday connected with water. Tatralandia, BešeňováKaďa v Liptovskom Jáne, Váh, Belá, Liptovská Mara and others are attractions not only for families with children. The variety of water bodies, water-based attractions and water sports is huge.  Liptovská Mara is the regional centre and the dominant feature in both summer and winter. In summer, it evokes a stay by the sea – the Liptovská Mara reservoir is the largest in Slovakia. It offers many opportunities for water activities and sports – swimming, bathing, sunbathing on beaches, paddleboarding, attractive boat trips, but also various entertainment and adrenaline activities.

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