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Šarafiový waterfall is one of the waterfalls of the Western Tatras. If you ever went to Žiarska Žiarska valley cottage, you have it on your left to see. First, you can see a bit below the cottage when you step on the large clearings, which are responsible for avalanches, including the one hundred avalanches, which fell here in 2009.

Šarafiový waterfall located on Šarafiového flow stream that flows down the southern slope of the peak Príslop (2,126 meters). Šarafiový waterfall would be more than deserved name waterfall cascade, as the highest of the series of cascades is only about 3.5 meters, while the waterfall (cascade) reaches a height of about 20 m. Šarafiového width of the waterfall, located at 1 480 m, is about one meter.

Šarafiového water waterfall representing the genetic type of selective glacial waterfall falling from rocky terraces built significant biotic and two-mica gneisses that are building this part Žiarskej valley.


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