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Jazierske Travertines

The Jazierske travertines were declared a natural monument in 1952. It is a rare geomorphological travertine terrace formation which provides evidence of the living nature evolution during the last part of the Quaternary period.

The travertines are located at the entrance to the Hlboká valley, above the village of Biely Potok, which is a suburban part of the town of Ružomberok. There is an asphalt road and a marked bike path leading to the travertines. In approximately 250-metre-long area, the waters of the creek flowed into limestone bed, creating a unique travertine terrace formation with rare plant species. 

The Jazierske travertines have their charms in every season. In summer, the creek water flows softly, embraced by rare plants. In winter, ice creates impressive artistic formations on the creek’s surface. 

In the area of the travertines, there are also interesting stone formations, a waterfall and a cave hole, where one can hear the sound of water flowing underground.

In addition, the surrounding of the Jazierske travertines has a lot of bike paths, which you can use to get, for instance, to Vlkolínec or you can choose the red Donovaly bike path which leads straight to Ružomberok.

The area covers 2,22 ha and it comes under the 4th level of nature protection. 


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