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The Važecká Cave is one of the most known caves in the northern Slovakia. Though by length it belongs among the short show caves, it is known by occurrence of rich dripstone decoration, remarkable findings of cave bear bones, as well as by rare cave fauna.

The length of show path is 235 metres, vertical distance 5 metres, 88 steps. The duration of visit is about 25 minutes. Cave temperature is between 6,5 °C and 7,1°C.

There is rich snow-white flowstone decoration, small lakes and significant palaeontological finding place of cave bear bones, which lived here and stayed in cave all year long. Skeleton remains are located almost entirely in caves. It was prevailingly herbivore. The bear ate plants and berries and very seldom smaller animals.

It is located in the Važecký Karst on the contact of the Kozie chrbty with the Liptovská Basin, on the western edge of Važec village. Cave entrance is 8 m above the bottomland of Biely Váh, at elevation of 784 m.


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