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Červené Piesky Waterfall

The Červené piesky waterfall (Red sands waterfall) is located in the magnificent area of the Prosiecka valley, surrounded by the Chočské mountains and it is about 15-metre long. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovakia.  

You can get to the waterfall from the Vidová rázcestie (Vidová junction) in the Prosiecka valley. There is a short path leading to the blind valley of Červené piesky, where the waterfall is situated. 

Dry periods turn the waterfall into a trickle of water, so the best time to see the waterfall in its full beauty is in spring or after heavy rains.   

You can choose to continue hiking from here. The neighbouring Kvačianska valley, which is known for its wonderful nature, will welcome you with its open arms.  It is most beautiful in spring, when the meadows are in full bloom and the whole area is surrounded by deep green trees.


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