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Ráztocký Waterfall

The Ráztocký waterfall lies in the lower part of the Ráztocká valley, approximately

60 m away from the place where the Ráztocká valley connects with the Kvačianska valley. The Ráztocká valley is short, but impressive canyon-shaped valley carved through limestone rock. It is the branch of the Kvačianska valley, which offers unforgettable hiking experiences.  

The waterfall is hidden in a stone gorge and falls from the height of about eight metres. In summer, it is surrounded by rich vegetation. Spring is the time when you can see it in its full beauty and in winter, the waterfall transforms into an ice cascade.  You can climb the ladder to get to the top of the waterfall but use caution as the ladder can be slippery.

The waterfall is accessible from Veľké Borové. You can choose to continue hiking down the canyon of the Ráztocká valley to the settlement of Jóbova Ráztoka. The Ráztocká valley is the perfect location for families with children and occasional tourists.


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