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Honey-cakes by Medona – the smell of Christmas.

Honey-cakes (deliciously spiced, decorated ginger-bread like cookies) are handmade and beautifully decorated with hand-piped lace inspired by the embroidery motifs from Liptov. Each piece is a small work of art – an original made with love. Medovníky are made exclusively from natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial dyes and preservatives. Freshly ground spices give medovníky their characteristic brown colour and unmistakeable flavour and aroma. Many of them also have healing properties.


IP: To keep medovníky fresh for as long as possible, store them in a pantry or on a balcony in winter. Do not expose them to the sun and store them in their original packaging in a dark and cool place. This will prevent them from drying out and loosing their colour (honey-cakes are free from artificial dyes; they are coloured with cocoa, the colour of which fades when exposed to sunlight.).

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About Miroslava Cingelová

Honey-cakes can say a lot things. With just a single honey-cakes, you can express love or affection to your special ones, show gratitude and respect or wish good health. Miroslava Cingelová, a honey-cake baker from Ružomberok, has been baking and decorating honey-cakes since 1995. Her sweet creations are a real work of art known not only in Slovakia but also abroad.


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Medovníky from the picturesque village of Liptovská Lúžna.

To bake medovníky (deliciously spiced, decorated ginger-bread like cookies) that please the eyes as well as the taste buds is truly an art. Unique medovníky from Liptovská Lúžna are honestly handmade, with their decoration being a tasteful blend of tradition and creativity.

When decorating medovníky with traditional folk patterns from Liptov, they find inspiration mainly in the folk elements from Liptovská Lúžna, Liptovská Osada, Liptovské Revúce and other areas of the Liptov region. The craft of baking medovníky is, however, no longer only about embroidered cookies. Did you know that the dough for baking medovníky can also be used to, for example, bake a črpák (a mug with a decorated handle used by shepherds) or a valaška (a traditional Slovak axe)?

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About Anna Šenkeríková

Within the framework of the brand of local products project, medovníky aim to present a tasteful blend of the beauty and traditions of Liptov with an innovative approach of a young confectioner Anna Šenkeríková, with no compromises made in terms of choice of ingredients.


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Beneficial for human skin and ecologically conscious.

Krmešáky are the first natural herbal soaps in Liptov that are produced using traditional artisanal methods.

Both soaps and shampoos are made of natural ingredients only, using the cold process method and wooden moulds.Hand cut bars dry naturally in wooden racks before being hand wrapped and labelled, meaning every item is a true original.

All herbs come from their own production, they are hand-picked and carefully dried to preserve their natural properties, colour and aroma. 

Thanks to to their exclusively natural composition, the Krmešáky soaps gently clean the skin without burdening it with unnecessary chemicals. In addition, their regular and long-term use support physiological processes of the skin. Only certified natural essences and oils are used in their production.

Why choose the Krmešáky soaps?

They are 100% natural, having a unique composition and design. Complying with the environmental values of the company, all the Krmešáky soap bars come in eco-friendly and fully recyclable packaging that does not hurt the environment. Krmešáky – healthy for skin and nature.

Ingredients: For the ingredients for each variety, please visit krmesaky.sk

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About Krmešáky

Krmeš is a picturesque part of the equally picturesque Liptov village of Vlachy located in the vicinity of the Liptovská Mara dam. This is where Slávka and Juro live, where they grow herbs and where they produce Krmešáky, 100% natural herbal soaps friendly to your skin and nature.


Slávka Strenková: „The decision to live our lives in harmony with nature and to produce natural herbal soaps came about as the result of gradually recognizing the need for a life change. It came about gradually and naturally over the course of time. It was never the question of necessity or duty. It was a choice. It was not premeditated or planned, nor was it a project that needed to be finished by a certain deadline. Life itself has brought Krmešáky to our lives – to Krmeš.”


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These traditional handmade carpets are woven on 100-year-old looms by Michal Lorenčík. They are made from recycled materials and cotton. All the carpets, doormats and bedspreads Michal weaves are custom-made and tailored to customers’ needs. The most common widths are 60 cm, 70 cm and 80 cm and the most common lengths are 70 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm. The patterns are mostly colourful stripes, highlights or shades of one colour. 

The table linens are woven on smaller looms mostly from wool or coloured threads. Lengths are tailored to best fit the customers’ needs. Michal has lately been making sets: table linens having the same colour and width, but different lengths, for example place mats, coffee table mats, etc.

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About Michal Lorenčík

Michal Lorenčík, born in 1999 in Liptovský Mikuláš, lives and weaves in the village of Kráľova Lehota. He is a disability pensioner. He graduated from a Special Vocational School of J. Alexy in Lipt. Mikuláš in two fields of study. The first is the field of textile production – a weaver and the second one is Housework and domestic services. He passed them both with honours. He works at home on the looms that are over 100 years old. He also has newer looms on which he weaves table linens. Besides waving, he also knits socks and crochets woollen hats. He likes riding a bike, hiking, roller skating and cross-country skiing. He is a highly creative and skilled craftsman with a great taste for mixing colours and he can do it all on his own – from designing a weaving pattern to weaving the final product.The beauty this young man creates is more than admirable.


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