Flower honey

720ml (950g)
natural product

Treat yourself with trying honey from the central Liptov. The bee apiaries are located in Liptovský Mikuláš, the district of Bodice. The honey from the Bee kingdom is harvested from the flower nectar of meadow flowers and herbs, fruit tress, linden trees and small fruits. Our honey is not heat treated nor melted.

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About Včelie kráľovstvo

Ľubomír Sova and Nicole Oravcová refute common beliefs that the young generation has no interest in beekeeping and traditional values. They are devoted beekeepers who are eager to use modern tools to attract customers and spread words about honey from Liptov. They started bee keeping as a hobby in 2018, and have been on the market ever since, pursuing the vision of a sustainable growth.


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