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Honey-cakes by Medona – the smell of Christmas.

Honey-cakes (deliciously spiced, decorated ginger-bread like cookies) are handmade and beautifully decorated with hand-piped lace inspired by the embroidery motifs from Liptov. Each piece is a small work of art – an original made with love. Medovníky are made exclusively from natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial dyes and preservatives. Freshly ground spices give medovníky their characteristic brown colour and unmistakeable flavour and aroma. Many of them also have healing properties.


IP: To keep medovníky fresh for as long as possible, store them in a pantry or on a balcony in winter. Do not expose them to the sun and store them in their original packaging in a dark and cool place. This will prevent them from drying out and loosing their colour (honey-cakes are free from artificial dyes; they are coloured with cocoa, the colour of which fades when exposed to sunlight.).

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About Miroslava Cingelová

Honey-cakes can say a lot things. With just a single honey-cakes, you can express love or affection to your special ones, show gratitude and respect or wish good health. Miroslava Cingelová, a honey-cake baker from Ružomberok, has been baking and decorating honey-cakes since 1995. Her sweet creations are a real work of art known not only in Slovakia but also abroad.


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