There are about 50 hiking trails and marked trails in the Liptov region with a total length of 1185 km. They are located in the High Tatras National Park (Liptov part of Western Tatras), Low Tatras National Park, National Park Velka Fatra and Choc Mountains. The total length of marked trails in Slovakia is more than 14,000 km.

Top 12 most interesting hiking trails

Cottage under Borišovo (1 312 masl) from Vyšná Revúca
Mountain Hotel Smrekovica (1 339 masl) from Podsuchá
The “Demänovská Ice Cave” Nature Trail
„Chata pod Náružím – Červenec“ Cottage, 1 420 masl
Magurka Cottage, 1 050 masl
Veľký Choč (1 611 masl) via Likavský castle
Žiarska cottage (1 325 masl) from Žiarska valley
Mt Poludnica from Liptovského Jána
Baranec (2 184 masl) from Žiarska Valley
“Demänovská dolina” Nature Trail (Demänovská Valley)

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