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Liptov is a mountain destination and we always recommend to visitors and tourists not to forget the mountains insurance.

In the territory of the Slovak Republic, according to the applicable provisions of the Mountain Rescue Service (HZS), an injured person in a mountain area is obliged to reimburse HZS for costs related to rescue operations or searches related to it (this obligation does not apply to natural persons, which are not of age – children and natural persons who do not have legal capacity).

In order to cover the risks associated with the possible costs incurred by the EIGs, the mountain visitor concludes a commercial insurance called “mountain travel insurance”. Mountain insurance refers to the technical part of the mountain rescue service, that is to say, primarily to the search, rescue, transport of the injured, but often, for example, the transport of the remains of a person who died in the mountains.

If the insured finds himself in an emergency situation that endangers his life or health, it is necessary to urgently contact the non-stop emergency line of the Mountain Rescue Service 18,300. The Mountain Rescue Service will organize and carry out rescue activities and contact Generali Poisťovňa, a.s. Contact us at due to the number of the insurance contract.

Free insurance with Liptov Region Card

The holders of Liptov Region Card with a good stay package have a search and rescue insurance in the mountains of the Slovak Republic covering the costs of a possible intervention of the mountain service for FREE.

Exclusions from mountain insurance

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