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Východná farm cheeses

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Thanks to the exceptional quality of milk from the mountain area of the Tatras, Východná Farm offers cheese delicacies. Natural cheeses are prepared by using traditional production methods, without adding vegetable fats and colours. Steaming the curd creates traditional cheese Oštiepok and cheese laces Ťahaničky. New to the offer are matured Horal cheeses and cheese coated with the wax called Pampúšik

  • traditional steamed cheeses: VALACH, OŠTIEPOK, KOLIBA, ŤAHANIČKY – cheese laces
  • exclusive ripened cheeses with the maturation period from 6 to 24 months: HORAL cow and sheep
  • cheeses with a short ripening period: SYROŠÍK unflavoured, SYROŠÍK flavoured (chili, chives, roasted onions), COW CHEESE and SHEEP

Where to buy:

Abount Východná farm

Východná farm is the highest situated farm in Liptov region (930 m.a.s.l.). It focuses primarily on the milk production and organic cattle breeding. It offers quality cheeses made from cow’s and sheep’s milk, which are prepared by using traditional methods. The farm offers the opportunity to take a guided tour of the farmyard and herb plantation.


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