дома Motorový tandem paragliding – HOROskola.sk

Motorový tandem paragliding – HOROskola.sk

With us you have a discount with Liptov Region Card!

СКИДКА 2 человека 20%
СКИДКА 3 человекa 30%
СКИДКА 4 человека 40%
СКИДКА eще 5 человек 50%

You will experience immediate connection with the surrounding nature and the air which you will become part as soon as you start your experience. It evokes at you strong and for many people until now unknown feeling of freedom. You can experience it all without knowing anything about flying. You just have to sit back in the seat and enjoy the flight. Using the engine you can fly up to respectable heights, often up into the sky, and thus discover a new world, a world in which you will want to return again. A tandem flight is for many an unforgettable experience for whole life.


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