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To roam with a wolf Branko

Type: For children, Track
Difficulty: 2 - easy
Route length 8 km
Climb: 84 m
Sinking: 83 m
Duration 2.5 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m

Detailed route description:


Lower Liptov

Starting point

Parkovisko pri reštaurácii Vlčí dvor

End of route:

Brankovský waterfall


• Route: 8 km (4 km and back)
• Marking: red CTT 033
• Surface: asphalt pavement, paved road
• Difficulty: moderately rising, almost horizontal


Description of the route: The section of the children’s route follows the route of CykloKorytnička, which leads mostly on the original railway route from Ružomberok to Korytnice and offers visitors the beauty and interestingness of the Revúcka Valley. From the parking lot in front of the Motel Vlčí dvor, the cycling trail leads through a separate cycle path outside the road. During the route you can enjoy the view on the sluices on the river Revúca, breeding ponds or turn to Brankovský waterfall (30 min walk). In the end, the surface of the route turns into a paved road that rarely passes through the foresters’ car. The route in two places crosses the first class road.

Parking: parking in front of Motel Vlci dvor

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