дома Ski Center Bačova Roveň

Ski Center Bačova Roveň

Ski Center Bačova Roveň *** is situated in the immediate vicinity *** Barbora with sufficient capacity parking.

Three ski lifts Tatrapoma H and S and Doppelmayer with a total capacity of 1800 people per hour represents the latest technology with a high degree of security. Tourniquets are equipped with contactless ski passes. These slopes are used for recreational skiing for public, but also for organizing ski courses and races.

European cup UNI FIS slalom for men and women and Slovak Masters Cup in alpine skiing are organized every  year at the Ski Center Bačova Roveň***.

Skiing is guaranteed for everyone, there are three slopes with ski tracks with all degrees of difficulty:

  • racing slope – with a length of 1.45 km and elevation of 360 meters,
  • amateur slope – with a length of 1.35 km and elevation of 290 meters,
  • children’s slope – with a length of 160 m and 40 m elevation


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