дома Paddleboard Liptov SuP Liptov

Paddleboard Liptov SuP Liptov

Enjoy summer with paddleboarding in Liptov. Paddleboard Liptov – Paddle with us and experience an organized trip around Liptovská Mare.

Group paddleboard Liptov on Liptovska mare. Organized paddleboarding experience on Liptovská Mare under the guidance of a trained instructor lasting 120 minutes, including refreshments.

Start 10:00 / 14:00 / 17:00.

Price list

The price is on the leaflet from 20 € person (group 3 – 5 people). For a group of 2 people the price will be 25 € / person.

You can find current information on our facebook.


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