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Janska Valley is one of the most beautiful and longest valley in the Low Tatras. Valley brook Štiavnica , which stems pod Ďumbierom, the highest peak of the mountain (2043 m asl). Janska Valley is rich in flora and fauna. The forests are predominantly spruce with the occurrence of oaks, better, pines and larches. There are growing rare flowers: Skalnica mountain, edelweiss, Martagon lily, bell Alpine, fern and gentian. There are also medicinal plants. From fruits grow here: strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries and mountain ash. At its certainly Mushroom picking.

Representing the animal kingdom: bears, wolves, wild boar, deer, roe deer, foxes, lynx and occasionally, marten, skunk, badger, weasel and vertical.
The stream is rare rainbow trout and brown trout. Airspace belongs predators such as: eagle, hawk, harrier, hawk, sparrowhawk, eagle and other species. Of reptiles occur: snake, viper, lizards and salamanders.

Janska Valley, however, rich mainly to the occurrence of natural and karst formations. There are many underground premises, caves and gorges and several waterfalls. Small Stanišovská Cave (such as one of the three: large, small and new) is the only cave in Janska valley in the length of 450 m. We can boast cave Old Castle as the deepest in Slovakia Revaj house one of the largest underground space in Slovakia and we have the deepest cave chasm in Central Europe with a depth of 423 m. The rarity of Janska valley is a karst plateau with Ohnište rock formation window.

Janska Valley offers many opportunities for trips, walking, hiking (Ginger, Krakow Hola, fireplace, Slemä, Poludnica), mountain walks (Ginger – Čertovica, Ginger – Dome) as well as sports, recreation and leisure activities: skiing downhill or cross-country skiing, mountain biking , running, caving, entomological, art and photographic hobby and more.


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