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Scooters Žiarska Valley

A downhill scooter ride has been guaranteed fun and a good transport possibility from the Žiarska Valley to a parking place for 11 years.

Suitable for all age groups. One of us likes fast and an exciting adrenaline ride, another one prefers a peaceful walk full of amazing views of the countryside or a nice afternoon spent with the family.

The scooter ride starts in front of the cottage of Žiarska Chata where our staff will give you advice for safe riding and provide you with a helmet. Then you are provided with a scooter to rent and what happens then, it´s up to you.

Fast ride or easy strolling – it is all up to you. After arriving at the destination (a parking place in the valley), you will pass a scooter and a helmet to the staff. They will check and maintain the scooter.

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