Wanderings in Liptovský Ján

  • Route length 2 km
  • Route duration 1 hours
  • Number of stops 8 places

About the route

The historic village of Liptovský Ján received precious gifts as a wreath. Beautiful nature, rare karst and natural formations, mineral and thermal springs and especially rich history. There are many manor houses and manors, which are considered unique in Europe due to their large number in such a small area.

Discover the story of Liptovský Ján thanks to the new interactive tour route.

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Route details:

  • Route length 2 km
  • Route duration 1 hours
  • Number of stops 8 places

1.Szentiványi Eugen Manor House

It all started with empty noble farm grunt of Peter VI. Svätojánsky (1590). His son, Gašpar III. Svätojánsky, built on it the original manor house, which he moved in afterwards.

2.Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist

Already from the beginning of the thirteenth century, there is the mention of a chapel built on an elevated place, where there was later a prayer room.

3.Casino Manor House

The original builder of the manor house was the founder of Žigmund´s Line - Žigmund I. Svätojánsky.

4.Szentiványi Gemerský Manor House – former spa complex

The first mention of the manor house is recorded in sources on September 28, 1762.

5.Evangelic Church of Ausburg confession and its parsonage

Since there was no evangelical church originally in Liptovský Ján village, believers went to the distant churches in Paludza town suburb and some to the village Hybe.

6.Nyárovský Spilberg Manor House

The manor house of Nicholas II Svätojánsky probably stood on the property. He divided it among his sons.

7.Šandorovský Manor House

After the death of his ancestors, Peter XI. Svätojánsky shared the property with his brothers - Paul IV. Svätojánsky and Matthew II. Svätojánsky.

8.Marcovský Eduard Manor House

The builder of the original manor on the site of the mansion was Ján X. Svätojánsky (1699), the second son of Gašpar VIII. Svätojánsky.

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