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Fun for young and old! This is the children’s corner of Tulioladia in Ružomberok. Cafe, parties, trampolines, cinema, puppet theater and lots of fun.

Are you planning a birthday party for your little ones? Here they will help you with the realization of the celebration directly in the tuliolandia children’s corner.

Come and enjoy a day full of fun. FUNCENTER at the Demänová resort offers attractions for the little ones, but adults will also enjoy themselves. The largest 3D maze in Slovakia, mini zipline, climbing wall, XXL trampolines, bungee trampolines, or a bouncy castle.

The world of optical illusions

ILUSIA is a fascinating world of optical illusions which will shake your confidence in your own senses. Let yourself be photographed on the moon and on the famous platform 9¾, for a moment you will be a ballerina or Titan Atlas, you will get lost in infinity or in the matrix… this and much more is offered by ILUSIA. The art of optical illusions and 3D painttings will simply take your breath away. In the ILUSIA Gallery you will not believe your own eyes. Nothing is as it

TrickLandia – trick-art and optic illusions gallery – is a place where you will experience a unique journey through Slovakia in the gallery of trick-art and optical illusions. In its premises you will find themes of Slovak folk tales, fairy tales, as well as knowledges about municipalities and castles in Slovakia. They contain trick-art paintings, augmented reality, antigravity rooms, the most beautiful mirror maze in Central Europe.

Enjoy the real farm experience!

In our bio-farm you can take a peek at food preparation for our cows and sheep, watch cows or sheep being milked, meet our “adult” cows or visit a children garden to caress little calves, which have just been born!

You will learn, how many stomachs a cow has, who is the strongest person on the farm, why there is a hairdresser and pedicure for our cows in the farm, and why they live in a hotel. Through the experience, you can get to know the process of breeding cows and sheep in our farm, you can learn more about the production and processing milk, taste the freshest cheese before it goes to shops and meet farm animals!

All this is waiting for you when you visit the highest located farm in the Liptov region, where our cows are looking up the legendary Mt Kriváň! Are you ready to a visit you and your children will never forget?

Would you like to know the miraculous power of medicinal herbs? Visit the herb plantation in the village named Východná, where they will show you how the herbs are grown, harvested and subsequently processed to produce quality teas without unnecessary chemicals. In addition, while tasting delicious teas, you will also learn what story is hidden behind the creation of the plantation itself.


Tours of Východná Farm last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

Outside the summer season (September-June), it is necessary to order a tour at least 1 day in advance, or inquire about the possibility of a tour on the same day.

Regular admissions during the summer season (July, August) are at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00.
The tour must be ordered online, or by phone or email.

Enjoy the unique opportunity to take a ride through the Ružomberok city with a historic train, from the Main Station to the Zápalkáreň station. This route has existed here for 110 years and originally connected the town of Ružomberok with the Korytnica Spa. Today, this unique route will bring you closer to the beginning of Cyklokorytnička – a popular cycling route along the Revúca river. From Zápalkáreň station you can walk or bike and visit several tourist attractions. The train is bike-friendly.

Time table

Departures from the Main Station in Ružomberok (direction Zápalkáreň): 09:00AM, 10:00AM, 11:00AM, 01:00PM, 02:00PM, 03:00PM, 04:00PM, 05:00PM and 06:00PM.
Departures from Zápalkáreň station (direction main station): 09:30AM, 10:30AM, 11:30AM, 01:30PM, 02:30PM, 03:30PM, 04:30PM, 05:30PM and 06:30PM.

The train also includes a special carriage for the transport of bicycles, while the transport of bicycles is free. In this wagon, it is also possible to transport baby carriages.

The train will be in operation on the following days:
July 2023: 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
August 2023: 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
September 2023: 2nd, 3rd

Price list
Price list Price of one ride:
  • €1.00 adults
  • €0.50 children under 15, pensioners, ZŤP, Liptov Region Card
  • children under 3 years free
Tickets are bought on the train

Come to the most modern museum of its kind in Slovakia and experience the world of nature from the underground to the high mountains. During the interactive tour, you can look into the bear’s lair, listen to the sounds of nature and animals, or try crawling in the cave. You will end your tour in the museum´s lookout tower from which you can see the landmarks of the town of Liptovský Mikuláš.

The museum is divided into 2 exhibits located on four floors, from the basement to the attic. The exhibition Karst and Caves of Slovakia, located in the basement, represents the phenomenon of karst in all contexts. The first floor to attic are dedicated to the Protected Nature of Slovakia exhibition, which introduces the geo- and biodiversity of life, its protection, and is also dedicated to the issue of sustainability.

The huge world of the Čutko giant in Čutkovská valley near Ružomberok. In the summer, the children’s entertainment area offers a lot of fun and

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attractions for smaller and older children. The amusement park is named after the giant Čutko, who is said to live in the Čutkovská valley and is the last living giant of the carpathian type. There are trampolines, rope obstacles, swings, slides, or various games such as “Ludo”, and archery.


I always lie down here in the evening and relax. Sometimes I just lie and watch beautiful sparkling stars in the black sky. Murmuring creek and forest make me sleepy… During the day, when I am high up in the mountains, you can jump on my bed as much as you can. Please do not soil my blankets or tear my duvets. I would be angry then! So take off your shoes and do not hang on the net. 🙂


Lately I was drawing something, but the wind blew so hard that took all my pencils with him. I was really upset, so I decided to look for the Wind. I found him sitting on the top of Čebrať and was drawing something. When I asked him why he took my pencils, he sadly looked at me and complained, that he loves drawing so much but does not have his own pencils … I had a great idea to leave the pencils up side down in Cutkovo so the Wind can come at any time with the paper and as he is blowing he can draw beautiful pictures! Since then, whenever I hear something swooshing at night, I know it’s my friend Wind.


This is my nicest childohood memory. When I was a little boy, my mum used to lull me there.I remember this most beautiful lullaby:

“Sweet dreams,My cute giant.
Čutko little one
you`re just three metres tall.
But when you sleep enough after all,
you will be tall as a fir alone!”
Watch your kids please. My cradle is too high for people, so do not
leave them unattended.


I stretched the cord from the cradle to dry my clothes. You can rope down from the cradle, just be careful not to fall! Sit on the button of my pants and hold tightly! Never touch the washing line. Hold a string of the button only!


Hey friends, you can see my baby teeth here. My mother shelved them when they fell out. But they are still as white as snow! It is also thank to you because you wash them every day with water guns with clean water from the creek. Do not forget to wash your teeth every morning when you havHey people, do you also play draughts? It’s a great game! we are always playing with my cousin Shrek, when he comes around. The playing stones are quite heavy, so try to play it with your parents. They will certainly tell you how to do it. :)e eaten and every night before bedtime.


Hey people, do you also play draughts? It’s a great game! we are always playing with my cousin Shrek, when he comes around. The playing stones are quite heavy, so try to play it with your parents. They will certainly tell you how to do it. 🙂


I racked my brain when I was a little boy and I still do it. What about you? Try to fold my wooden childhood cube. When you succeed, you can hide something into it and surprise another friend who will try to puzzle it right after you. Or build something nice from Tangram, there are many nice and even simple images. Good luck! 🙂

ČUTKO`S SLINGSHOT5 € With every paying child, 1 adult is FREE! Huge is best suited for children under 12 years.

This is my slingshot, which I used to hit the cones on the trees. Ask my friends in striped T-shirts to give you a ball and try to hit my window. I have some cobwebs there, you can sweep them away with the balls …


This game is well known all around the world. It is very popular among giants, we even have the world championship in this game! Although no one shouldn`t get angry in the game, you can`t even imagine what it looks like giants are playing it. You know how it is when someone is fired just before the final… 🙂

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Covering an area of 600 m2, our gallery boasts modern technology. Once again, we’ve introduced new features – an interactive wall and floor, a beetle-like Beetle, a tour of the peaks… Schedule of complementary exhibitions upstairs: May–June 2024: augmented reality has enabled us to animate Ľubomír Korenko’s paintings. July–September 2024: Astro Exhibition, October–December 2024: Seven Tatra Cards. For more details about the current exhibition, please visit the website.

Let´s play wisely

The Dobrá Hračka Gallery in Tatranská lomnica is a place where you will find a lot of games and attractions on an area of 500 m2, you will learn traffic regulations, and try different toys. Their shop is also focused on non-traditional toys, thanks to which children and adults can have fun and even train their brain. Toys they sell in Dobrá Hračka Gallery, can be best demonstrated to you on the basis of personal experience. Therefore, that´s why they also test them and play with them.

Miniature Park with selected Slovak culture relics in the 1:25 scale. Castles, churches, bell towers as well as a G-scale garden railway with five tracks and several trains. Here you will find, for example, a miniature of Bojnice Castle, Vlkolínec or the Walachia Open-Air Museum. All this is available under the open sky in a comfortable, maintained forest park with benches. Open year round, 7 days a week, also during the holidays.

Father thoughts and creator of models is Kamil Fischer, who alone or with the help of his family to 11 years is all thumbnails.

Visitors to the park are waiting for these thumbnails:

  1. Bojnice Castle
  2. Castle Strečno
  3. Old Town Hall in Levoca
  4. Chapel Michael Kosice
  5. Urban Tower in Košice
  6. Wooden church in Hervartov
  7. Wooden covered bridge in Kluknava
  8. Belfry in Kezmarok
  9. Belfry in Spišská Sobota
  10. Mausoleum Migazzi Gold Moravec
  11. Church Juraj Kostoľany pod Tríbečom
  12. Railroad depot LGB
  13. Folk architecture Tekov-Ihráč “reconstruction”

The models are truly faithful copy and authentic materials are used. The biggest is the Bojnice castle, and it is also the most demanding, as they worked on it until 5600 hours. Heaviest model is 620 kg weighing castle Strečno.

The current model is being updated and others. In preparation as the railway track Červená Skala – Margecany Margecany railway station, ice cave, Red Rock, Chramošský viaduct and Bratislava Castle.

Great fun for both kids and adults!

Fun Park Liptov is located in the town district of Vitálišovce, about 5 km away from the centre of Liptovský Mikuláš. Kids can have fun on the bouncy castles or they can try taking a rope route. Other attractions include a maze, aquazorbing, off-road quad bikes, a rodeo bull, paintball and many different kinds of animals.

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