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Alžbetka a Johny are two nature enthusiasts who dreamt of creating their own piece of paradise. They have fulfilled their dream by building the Teepeečko tee pee. They did so in Liptov, a beautiful region embraced by mountains. They built it themselves, using only natural and recycled materials.

Teepeečko is designed for two people to sleep comfortably, but can accommodate up to four people.

Teepeečko is located above a picturesque village of Liptovské Behárovce, 7 minutes of slow walk (400 m) from the place where you can park your car. The access road is not paved and has deep ruts, so you’d better walk. Teepeečko is located on a large fenced land surrounded by grasslands, with grazing sheep and cows as neighbours. Herds of roe deer, birds of prey as well as hares and foxes are a common sight here.

A big gas fireplace keeps Teepeečko warm and cosy even in cold weather.

Teepeečko is an exceptional place where everyone feels great and walks away having experienced unforgettable moments.

To take advantage of a 10 per cent booking discount, use the code „TEEPEEČKO NA LIPTOVE“


Teepeečko and its surroundings have everything a guest could need to feel at home:

  • kitchenware (cups, glasses, plates, cutlery, a knife, a corkscrew, a vegetable peeler, a pot, a pan, a mocha coffee maker, a teapot, etc.)
  • gas cooker
  • drinking water
  • tea, coffee, honey
  • board games
  • candles, lights
  • lighter
  • gas fireplace
  • extra blankets and pillows
  • dustbin
  • toiletries
  • dry toilet
  • outdoor loungers
  • terrace with comfortable seating
  • fire pit
  • firewood


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