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Fresh meat from their own farm, honest meat products, sourdough bread and delicious pastries.

The decades-long family tradition was created by Jozef Žilinec in 1913. He came from a poor peasant family from Hruštín in Orava and spent his whole life working in the fields, mountains and with cattle. Together with his wife they raised three children – Matej, Mária and Jozef nicknamed “Ňaňo”, born in 1942. They grew up in a farm environment, so working in the fields, caring for farm animals and producing their own food was an inseparable part of their daily routine. Agriculture and the production of meat products have been Ňaňo´s favourites. Ňaňo has encouraged and guided also his kids towards agriculture and now they are the ones who take care of the farm although he and his wife have not given up on the family business.

The meat comes from a farm in Vyšné Malatíny where livestock are allowed to graze freely in the meadows. They take care of the whole supply chain, from raising livestock and processing the meat to delivering the products direct to your door. The superior quality of the meat and the meat products sold at the shop is thus guaranteed.

The secret behind their beloved pastry and bread is simple: traditional dough recipes made with basic ingredients and baking in a wood fired oven. The pastry and bread is baked fresh throughout the day, with love being the main ingredient.

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