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The Legend of Jánošík

Come to Liptovský Mikuláš to find out how an ordinary bandit became a legend. The bandit captain Jur Jánošík was not forgotten even after three centuries. His name even appears in the top ten of the poll for the greatest Slovak. If you are interested in this controversial figure in Slovak history, you will learn the most about him in Liptovský Mikuláš. Follow in his footsteps:


How did an ordinary bandit become a legend comparable to the famous Robin Hood? Who lured Jánošík to be a bandit, even though he knew very well that banditry was considered a serious crime? And why was only 25-year-old Jánošík pierced by a hook through his rib on the gallows in Liptovský Mikuláš, when he was robbing almost all over Slovakia? And what role did Countess von Schardon play in his story?


The dark underground of the Janko Kráľ Museum hides an even darker exposition with torture instruments, with which the executioner almost always obtained a confession. You can find out everything that Jánošík underwent during the torture right here.JÁNOŠÍK’S COURT HALLJWear a judge’s robe of the time and apply the uncompromising laws three centuries ago, or try the role of a judge and the hardness of a rack. The backdrop will be completed by a large judge’s table or a gallows hook.


Who wouldn’t want to take a photo with the most famous bandit? The statue of Jánošík can be found in the Jánošík Garden of the Janko Kráľ Museum. In the garden, you can look for Jánošík’s treasure, shoot at a target or be stretched!


When the Liptov throne finally caught Jánošík, it looked for a safe prison from which there would be no escape. They were also found in the Vranovo manor house – accessible only through an opening in the floor of the guardhouse. The manor still stands in the part of the town of Palúdzka, about 2 km west of the historic centre. It is private property, but you can enjoy its architecture. In front of it is a life-size statue of Jánošík.


The once dreaded place was engulfed in construction. For all the warnings, the execution site was located on a hill on the former outskirts of the city. The young 25-year-old Jánošík was hanged here by a left rib on March 17, 1713. Even the oldest monuments do not remember Šibeničky, because the last bandit was beheaded here almost 200 years ago. But Jánošík’s execution is commemorated by a monument, the dominant feature of which is an almost four-meter replica of the gallows and a relief of Jánošík. If you choose to look for this place, it is located about 2.5 km east of the historic center, opposite the Liptovska dairy at 124 1. mája Street.


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