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The mission of the civil association Diera do sveta is to create and support the development of contemporary art and modern education. Our dream was to create a background for the independent, alternative and minority culture of Liptovský Mikuláš, as our friends in the Cultural Center in the Garden (Banská Bystrica), or in Stanica-Záriečie in Žilina…

Our Hole in the World Center is at the beginning of a long journey to become a pulse of culture and art. We want to support local producers and artists. We would like to bring something that is missing in Liptov, not only good literature, but mainly new visions of meeting and learning. We are heading towards children and preparing regular readings for them and trying to cultivate their personalities. We create projects in which we initiate the creativity of different artists. In 2014, we launched the first year of the MOBILIS Literature and Art Festival, which was dedicated to the legacy of Ivan Laučík and Lonely Runners; In cooperation with professional curators and Freshmen’s group, we organize regular vernissages and exhibit contemporary art in our space.

In addition to our activities, there is also a café where we serve quality, healthy snacks and bookshops focused exclusively on valuable titles. Entrepreneurship as a complement to our cultural activities serves their financial support. We work with volunteers and YMCA. Our goal is to be exclusive in quality but not to exclude anyone.

Diera do sveta Coffe

Tasty coffee, drinks and cakes make your cultural pleasures more enjoyable. Our drink menu not only refreshes your day but also your health. We focus on the delicacies that have their story, are prepared honestly, with passion and passion not for the final earnings, but for the product itself. We are therefore searching for local producers who, like us, live their dreams. And not because it is being worn now, but because it really has a meaning. We choose the tastiest so that we all benefit from it and enjoy it all – you, us, suppliers and especially our nature.

Cultural point

Our small stage will please great things – interesting movies, theaters, concerts, vernissages. But also many unconventional actions that aim not only to attract but also to converge. Our goal is to be exclusive in quality but not to exclude anyone. Children, their mothers and dads, who want to go out, will come to their own. Young people who are tired of sitting idle, seniors who keep up with the times.


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