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Adventures with Nicholas

Looking for answers to how and where to have fun? Adrenaline, fun, knowledge, but also relaxing and peaceful walk with spectacular views. You can experience all this with your parents in Liptovský Mikuláš! You can also look forward to interesting events and choose accommodation and catering facilities suitable for families with children. As a memory of adventures, you can also pick up souvenirs with cheerful figures of St. Nicholas, which you can buy in the INFORMATION CENTRE!

Fountain as an encyclopedia

Fountain Metamorphoses – Read from her seventy names of celebrities who were born in Liptovsky Mikuláš. For example, inventor Eduard Penkala was a real headline! He patented 70 inventions, among them rotating toothbrush, ink fountain pen and hot water bottle.

In addition to Eduard Penkal, the name of another important inventor – Aurel Stodol – is written in capital letters on the fountain. He worked on the complex theory of steam and gas turbines. The turbine blades resemble the top of a fountain. They can be rotated, they are colourful and shiny. Take a good look and saw in them a reflection of nearby houses. Aurel Stodola was also a respected professor. Albert Einstein also respected him, who said of him: “His strength was in the constant desire for knowledge and in the extraordinary clarity of his thinking.”

Many children meet at the fountain and play in her splashing waters. Will you join in, or will you be tempted by a fragrant cake and ice cream in one of the summer terraces?

– duration of the activity according to individual interest

Let yourself be caught

Let yourself be caught in Muzeum of Janko Kral and you will find yourself in Jánošík’s torture chamber or courtroom. Here you can become a judge, a lawyer and Jánošík himself in period costumes. Don’t forget to take a selfie in a judge’s chair or on a torture table! Also head to the Janosik garden.

More than 300 years ago, the Slovak mountains were home to robbers. They wore costumes, long hair, often tangled in braids, pistols tucked behind their belts, Wallachians in their hands. Led by Captain Juraj Jánošík, they stole weapons, money, food and clothes. They then hid their prey in secret hiding places. But over time, they caught Jánošík, imprisoned, tortured, judged and finally hung him on a gallows in Liptovský Mikuláš. The gallows can be seen in Jánošík’s courtroom and torture instruments in the dark torture chamber. In memory of your visit, use the big hammer to express the `golden coin` with the face of Jánošík. In Jánošík’s garden, look for Jánošík’s treasure, shoot at a target or draw something interesting with chalk.

– duration of activity 1 hour

Picnic in the gallery garden

Although the Liptov Gallery of P. M. Bohúň is located in the middle of the historical centre, it has a beautiful garden made for picnics!

Bring something tasty to wat, look around for the right spot, borrow a picnic blanket from the box and a picnic on the fragrant grass can begin. Or borrow a book from a bookstore and start reading a story. Certainly it will be nice to read when you sit on one of the benches on which the signature of the St. Nicholas artist is hidden.

PLAYGROUND created for children by the artist Michal Hanula!

The gallery garden is open free of charge to all decent people from May to September daily from 9:00 to 17:00. (Sundays and Mondays toilet can not be used due to the gallery closure).

From the garden, you can enter the third oldest gallery in Slovakia, which is named after the painter Petr Michal Bohúň. He was a master of portraiture. Do you know what portraiture or portrait is? So here’s the answer: More than 150 years ago, photography was not common. When someone wanted to keep the image of loved ones, he had his portrait painted. People on Bohúň`s paintings are like alive. He cared about every detail. He even painted toys that the children used to play with on the portrait of five-year-old Marienka Medvecká. See it for yourself and try to find a place in the picture, where he hid his signature!

The gallery is open year-round Tue-Sat 9.00-17.00

– duration of the activity according to individual interest

Family wandering around the museum

Search for the secrets of caves and life in them, for rare plants, animals and minerals. Find a fossil, slip through a narrow cave slit or climb into a bears lair.

Once upon a time, people have found huge bones in caves. They thought they were dragons. However, they belonged to a cave bear. When he stood on his back paws, he was twice as tall as a human. Come and verify the the Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, how huge it was! As you enter, take a notebook with lots of interesting information and fun tasks. And embark on a great journey through the beauty, diversity and mysteries of nature. Test if you recognize animals by their sounds! Take a close look at the menacing wolf, playful foxes, many beetles and butterflies, whose names sound like a tongue twister. Explore the dinosaur and other extinct animals and plants. Take a look at the mysterious prehistoric cult mask and the skeleton of the cave lion. He was a feared predator more than 10,000 years ago. If it’s a pain for you to determine minerals at school, they play music here. Don’t you believe it? Nature has prepared many surprises!

– duration of the activity according to individual interest

– water dispenser

Test your brain
Which mystery will you solve? The tangled case of Sherlock Holmes? Or will you be arrested and grab a large sum of money from a vault at the police station and try to get out of there? Would you rather transport a military submarine to the military base? However, it will not be easy, because the electronics has been lost, and its navigation system stopped working. Every mystery will thoroughly test your brain. Plus, you will be given exactly 60 minutes to solve it!
– games for 2 – 5 people
– age < 10 years
– activity duration 1 hour
Do you think it is not possible to swim fearlessly among sharks? It is! Of course, in the virtual world! And not only that. It is also possible to drive a really fast race car, ride a roller coaster and conquer Mont Blanc.
Raft like a Champion

Tame the artificial white water channel! Ride the track on which Olympic water slalom winners Michal Martikán and Elena Kaliská train.

Liptovský Mikuláš was made famous by successful slalom canoeists. They won valuable medals in many important races. Their victories would not have been possible without proper training. They train on the tracks of the Water Slalom Complex in Liptovský Mikuláš. In addition to their training, these tracks can be sailed on rafting boats by recreational athletes (from 12:00 to 15:00 and after 17:00). Will you accept the challenge and take a ride on white water? However, it has one condition. You have to know how to swim! Everything else will be explained to you by an experienced instructor who will be with you in the raft during the entire session. Although rafting is really fast, don’t worry. In addition to the instructor, there is also a rescue from the shore (just to be sure). Upon arrival, just put on your gear in the locker room. In addition to the adult, there is also a children’s size gear. The instructor will completely prepare it for you.

– recommended age from 10 years
– at least 3 people
– duration of activity 1.5 hours

Adrenaline and outdoor adventures

Overcome obstacles on adventure golf courses and learn the rules of football golf. Just collect maximum points in paintball, show precise aim in archery or air rifle. Show off on maxi skis and stilts. Let the little ones play on a large inflatable castle or run around in pedal cars.

Adrenaline Centre is to be found near the Water Slalom Complex. Choose an activity that fits you best:


Adventure golf is golf scaled to the size of mini golf. Enjoy a lot of fun while overcoming various unevenness, rocks and humps of its tracks. Proceed from hole to hole with football golf. Winner will the one, who passes the full path with the least number of kicks in soccer ball.


If you have a good eye, firm hand and concentration are your advantages, you have a big chance to win in archery or air rifle shooting. Add to this a well-thought-out tactic and the victory in paintball is yours (paintball – recommended age from 10 years).


The little ones will appreciate the playground with a trampoline, a colourful bouncy castle, a trampoline or pedal cars. The whole family can compete in bowling, show team spirit when walking on the maxi ski and everyone can show agility on stilts.

– duration of the activity according to individual interest

Bicycle route

Take a bicycle, scooter or roller skates and test the 6,6 km long cycle path along the banks of the river Váh and the result will be your good feeling and joy of movement.

In several places along the trail are also benches and playgrounds, it’s just the perfect place for undisturbed summer fun in the fresh air. A bike path runs from the town district Ondrašová, around the bridge in Palúdzka to the bridge in Okoličné. There are 2 bicycle shelters along the route and in case of emergency, you will find a service point at Hotel Lodenica, where you have free access to the pump and basic tools.

– duration of the activity according to individual interest

Expedition through the Háj-Nicovô Forest Park

A trip to the attractions of nature, military history, sports and a great circular view.

Educational trail Nature and landscape around us begins right after the railway crossing. It will take you through the forest and during this walk, you will learn a lot about the protection and nature of the Háj-Nicovô locality. About animals and plants, even about the fact that this area was flooded by the sea 45 million years ago. The fossils found here are proof of this. You can see them in the Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology in the historic centre of Liptovský Mikuláš. The educational trail will take you to the playground and from there it is only a short distance to the reverent area with a memorial and the largest war cemetery of Czechoslovak soldiers in former Czechoslovakia. It is built in places where they were the second heaviest fightings in Slovakia during World War 2. Look at the troops and weapons, as well as what Liptovský Mikuláš, destroyed by the war, looked like on the information boards. You will have a great view from the top of Háj. You will see Kriváň, the mighty Western Tatras and the Choč Hills. To the south is the endless water reservoir Liptovská Mara, the town of Liptovský Mikuláš and behind it, the Low Tatras. And that’s not all! In the forest park, you can play sports on the Oxygen running tracks named after the Olympians from Mikuláš – Michal Martikán and Petra Vlhová.

It is definitely worth visiting a forest park! You can find information about it on information boards in the forest park, the city’s website or in the Liptovský Mikuláš mobile application, where you can even find audio guides through the forest park.

The route from the historic centre to the top of Háj measures less than four kilometres. Will you walk it, ride a bike or will the laziness win and go by car?

– duration of activity according to individual interest

Many attractions in the Tatras

What to do first? Bathe or run the water slides? Explore Pirate Island of the Caribbean or a shipwreck? Observe sea anemones and fishes, or rather surf the waves of Hawaii? Try everything! In the summer, also head to the fun Summer City with an inflatable world, an adrenaline zone and crazy water football.

Boredom has no chance in Tatralandia! Wherever you look, the water is everywhere – thermal, sea and clear. And great fun in it! Look, the smallest play in the Pirate Pool and run the slides into the moat. You in Tropical Paradise take a look at the wreck of a shipwreck, then jump into the snorkel pool, dive in and watch life in the sea! Beautifully coloured sea fish, anemones, shells and corals. Or search for pirate treasure. Relax for a while under the palm trees and gather strength for another adventure – great rides on water slides. Just 120 cm and you can run in most of them. Or would you rather go surfing on the sea waves? These can be tested by anyone over 6 years of age. In Tatralandia you will also enjoy “terrestrial” entertainment in the summer Summer City. Have fun in the inflatable world of Bubble City, play volleyball, football, table tennis, jolly giant chess or skittles.

If you want to do something for your health, tell your parents that the Celtic sauna world is open to children from the age of 6 every day.

P.S. For very small tots and their mothers, the Baby Silent Zone is created – a space for hygiene, food preparation and rest during a day full of fun.

– duration of the activity according to individual interest

Faster than the wind

Experience the feeling of a parachutist and fly in a wind tunnel Hurricane factory, where the air is racing at the speed of a hurricane!
Listen to your instructor carefully until you lie down on the air stream and start flying in the only wind tunnel in Slovakia. He will help you with the equipment, explain the basic position of flying. You will arrange the signals with which you will communicate in the tunnel. There is a lot of noise, because the wind speed reaches up to 180 km / h. When everything is clear, you can fly freely! If you are doing well, the instructor will also try turns, ascents and descents with you. Your flight is recorded on video, so you can show off your piece at any time. Flying in a wind tunnel is intended for children over 5 years.

– duration of activity 1 hour

Animal life up close

Enter the enclosures and aviaries, feed and pet the camel, pelican, parrot or kangaroo, find out the names of lions or bears. Who will you take a selfie with?

In ZOO KONTAKT you can not only observe animals but also enter their homes, touch their soft fur, feed them, pet them. Visitors are accompanied by caregivers – passionate young people who know an incredible amount about animals. Just listen to them for a while, ask the right questions and you will learn many interesting things. Not only about the life of domestic animals, but also about wild Slovak and exotic animals. In ZOO KONTAKT you will meet about 120 species of animals, among them, bears, lynx, foxes, lions, kangaroos, squirrels, llamas, camels, parrots, pelicans. Try a pony ride here and look at examples of birds of prey flight.

– duration of the activity according to individual interest

Like in an action movie

Become a professional safe-robber, stop the laser shoot-out in the labyrinth or demonstrate a dance style in Play dance.

Arrange tactics with each member of the family and embark on games where lasers, time and skill have the main say.


Two minutes, six meters long laser riddled corridor and at its end, a safe that needs to be stolen. Get there gently through laser beams, because each interruption sets the alarm. If it sounds five times, you fail. The game is suitable for children from 4 years.


You are wearing a thick vest with sensors and have exactly 12 minutes. Move carefully in the labyrinth, try to hit your opponent with a laser. The more hits, the more points. The more players, the more fun. Take your father, mother, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather – in short, you can be up to twelve people. After a tense moment, chill in our relax zone. Choose something from the bar and spend time with traditional table games or table football. The game is suitable for children from 6 years.


Become a high school student whose job is to get out of the teacher’s office. If you get out of there with the help of your wits within one hour, the teacher will reconsider his decision about your grades. While searching for a solution, you will find several instructions and aids to help you get out without outside help. All you need to find the right solution is your brain to think.

Colourful landscape illusion

The main word in the ILUSIA gallery is an optical illusion, mirrors and ingenious 3D paintings that will try to capture your eyesight. Take family or friends with you, experience a lot of fun and tricks, take a great photo!

Stand right and you will become part of interesting images. You will float in space, you will touch an elephant, you will be trapped under the water surface, the little ones will be big,… See for yourself what the play of colours, tricks and mirrors can do. Aim the camera and capture all the fun moments. Your photos will definitely be unforgettable.

  • Activity duration: 45-60 minutes
  • recommended age from 3 years (always accompanied by an adult)
  • don’t forget to bring a mobile phone or camera
  • in the ILUSIA gallery, you will have to get your shoes off, because to move around the space is possible only in socks
Fun sport in the Liptov leisure park

Will you also be tempted to the open-air sports and adrenaline area?

Don’t you know it yet! Then read on to see if we can convince you. The biggest attraction for families with children is the CHILDREN’S ZONE with a 6 m high inflatable slide, a bouncy castle with hurdles, an 11 m long hurdle course and maxi balls and a children’s rope course. Another great attraction is the RODEO BULL – a bull riding simulator. Other popular attractions include a special pool for aqua zorbing, a life-size labyrinth, target shooting with a bow or air guns. For adrenaline-pumping quad biking, there are two tracks up to 600 m long. There is also a paintball field where you can rent all the equipment. And when you’ve had enough of the sport, you can see the animals in the mini zoo. So, should we expect you at the Liptov Leisure Park?

– Duration of activity children’s zone unlimited

The whole family will find something to enjoy at the Demänová rezort
But especially children! Your parents can relax while you have fun in the Aqua Fun children’s water park, Fun Centre or Kids Zone.
And what awaits you in each zone? In Aqua Fun, a pool with barriers, slides and aqua zorbing. You’ve got to try it out. After all, walking on the water surface in a big inflatable ball is super fun. In the Fun Centre, the multi-level 3D maze, mini zipline, bungee trampolines and inflatable attractions are a challenge. And in the Kids Zone you’ll find lots of climbing frames, swings and even toy cars. If you decide to play sports, you can climb the climbing walls, try the cycle track or the Pump track – a special circuit with hills and turns for bicycles, skateboards, scooters or skates. If you’re still in the mood, just rent bikes or e-bikes and head out for a ride in the surrounding area.
– Duration of activity according to individual interest

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